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How to Reduce Cholesterol Effects?

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As she played certain notes, the piercing sound that resulted came from strings  StrictionD Review that were too tight. I like to compare this to how we feel when we are experiencing too much stress. On other occasions, when the strings were too loose, the sound was flat and boring. I like to compare this to when we do not have enough stress in our lives. However, when the strings were tuned properly, she produced beautiful music, soothing to the ears, and comforting to the soul. So with our lives, if we handle stress wisely, it can help us to operate at our maximum.

Excessive stress affects the body in many negative ways. When the body experiences too much stress, certain symptoms appear. Sugar is released into the blood, along with increased insulin. Digestion shuts down, the level of cholesterol increases, the blood thickens and the heart rate rises. In the caveman days of "fight or flight," stressful situations made these bodily symptoms useful. It prepared the cavemen to fight or to run for survival. Today, however, there is little outlet for the fight or flight behavior, so modern man must learn other ways in which to effectively deal with stress.

For example, consider being caught in a road rage incident. You may be innocent and in control of your senses, willing to talk the problem through. However, the other driver may be reverting to the automatic fight mode and bent on doing you harm. In this scenario your body behaves as though under attack, but because you are "civilized," you do not follow through as our ancestors might have done when they were faced with a stressful situation. Unresolved stress brought on by situations like this, compounded frequently and without proper outlet, can cause stress to build up and become chronic, incapacitating us physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We all react to and internalize stress differently; it is an individual reaction. To some people, speaking to a large audience is stressful; to others it is very stimulating. Some people are like "horses", able to handle significant amounts of stress, while others are like "butterflies," unable to handle much stress at all. Nevertheless, there are psychological/emotional warning signs which indicate when a person is not adequately coping with stress.



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