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Has anyone else experienced the same or is it just me?


May 2018 brand new Tucson 1.7 diesel manual gearbox bought from a genuine main dealer. Three months old / 2000 miles from new the clutch started juddering when cold. New clutch fitted under warranty. 3000 miles and two months later later as before clutch judder when cold. 3000 miles later  now 11 months old clutch judder when cold but also began noticing a delay after the clutch was pressed. So called modified new clutch fitted. Within days it was worse than the standard fit clutches. Can now just a year old and 10,400 miles and Hyundai replaced clutch and fly wheel. Dealership confirm my driving isn’t the cause. Although the dealership have said the clutch is warranted for two years or 20,000 miles whichever comes first at this rate I will have at least two more clutches and then what after the two years / 20,000 miles clutch warranty have passed?

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