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Electric Parking Brake (Epb) Fault?

Hi, I commute to work 64 miles a day there and back. I have the epb on all the time but it malfunction 3 to 4 times a week. It deactivates and the epb fault light comes on. The fault comes on while i am driving. I can reset it by switching off the engine and on again. Took it to the garage but they can't find any fault code. Found a topic which says it might happen if it has activated lots when going down hill but its not that hilly where I live. Any one experience this issue or know the possible fault?


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Faults on cars and if these aren't on critical ECUs (Control units) these (the faults) get erased after a few power cycles. This means that if you see a fault coming up on your instrument cluster then there must be a fault stored on your ECU.

If you cycle ignition a few times (more than 5 usually) the fault gets wiped. This could be the cause for the Hyundai guys not to see anything.


And yes don't call it EPB (Electric Park Brake). This is the auto-hold function that uses the normal brakes and NOT the park brake.

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