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I30 Brake Noise

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Our 2012 (new model) I30 Active automatic makes a lot of noise when applying and releasing the brakes when moving off. Sounds like the rear calipers/pads but cannot be sure. Dealer doesn't think there's a problem (surprise!).

Anyone else out there experiencing similar problem?

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 Dealer doesn't think there's a problem (surprise!).



Par for the course with Hyundai dealers!  It's step one in handling customer complaints....fob the owner off with the 'No fault found' statement.


If the car didn't make the noises when it was new and for the first few months of your ownership but does now, clearly something has changed.  I'd be inclined to make a nuisance of myself at their customer services desk until they agree to investigate the matter and clean/adjust/replace the source of the problem.  



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