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Tucson Diesel Problem

I have a 2006 diesel 4x4 Tucson .I'm getting hesitancy on light acceleration at 1500 to 2000 rpm .

It makes driving in traffic difficult .If I accelerate hard I don't get the problem.It's just like a missfire or air in the system .

I called the dealer and he said "ah it's the wastegate -they're all like that " .I'm not so sure about the explanation .Any suggestions please ?

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Hi  I know its a year later but just found this post via google, Did you ever sort this out ,I have same problem excatly, Changed fuel filter remapped to 170bhp whilst getting rid of EGR, injector cleaner through it ,new mass sensor.  stil the same,, any help?

thanks Colin


Tuscon 2007 2.0D vgt

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