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A little bit about TalkHyundai.com

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This is a free site, which is aimed at those are who already own, or are interested in purchasing, a Hyundai. There are different sections of the site that are aimed at helping people:

HyundaiWiki.co.uk - This a wiki site (running the same software as Wikipedia) which is aimed at becoming a depository of how-to's, guides, specifications etc. Anyone can add information to this very easily.

Sales Brochures - The aim of this is to build a library of Hyundai Sales Brochures, hopefully going back to when the brand was launched in the UK. If you've got any brochures which aren't already listed, please let me know!

Videos - These are videos of Hyundai's categorised by model. They currently list all the EuroNCAP videos, so you can easily check the safety rating of your Hyundai, and roadtests by various journalists.

Garage - Document your car modifications in this easy to use Garage.

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Spam central .... you should be ashamed to leave the forum in this state !


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