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Hyundai Coupe Fx 2000 Problems

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Hi i was just wondering if anyone knows anything on problems to do with the Hyundai Coupe fx 2000 model.

I have owned my car for about a year and a half now, and in this time it has been playing up majorly. When i first start it up it will often conk out as in be on but no matter how hard i push the accelerator it will not move then all of a sudden take of. It also surges when first starting up or once sitting at traffic lights for a period in time. Often this happens to the extreme of it stalling. However it is fine once i start it up again. If anyone knows anything i would appreciate the information as it has been to 4 or more mechanics already even a hyundai dealer and no one can determine the problem. They all tell me they will just have to fix things until they fix the right thing.....

Thanks heaps guys!

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