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Anyone know if it's possible to attach a DAB radio via the usb or aux inputs on the satnav/radio and have the radio play via the car speakers

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I think its more complicated than simply attaching but there would be no harm in trying it.

The simplest way would be via the AUX port, all you would need is a 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio lead, one end for the headphone socket on the radio the other for the AUX port. This will definitely work when not moving.......however......

Given that the car will be moving, there could be a reduction in quality, unless your DAB auto tunes to the strongest signal available. This is why there are automotive specific DAB units.

Should you wish to try that route then the only thing to be aware of is that the car DAB units have a relay which disconnects the FM aerial and goes to the DAB antenna when in didgital mode. This means on cars with the inbuilt satnav units that items which rely on the FM broadcast such as traffic updates will not be active whilst in DAB mode, this may or may not be an issue?

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