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Air conditioning; hot on the drivers side

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2012 i40 crdi started blowing extremely hot air from the drivers' side outlets while the passenger side seems cold. Now I am not entirely sure if the refrigerant cycle is completely empty but turning on the A/C seems to cool down both sides a little. The driver's side however is so hot you don't want to close the vents (or the fan) because it almost feels like the driver side of the dashboard would start melting..

Is this how and empty refrigerant cycle would indicate of it's existence? I have never had a leak or service on the ref cycle done on my cars but this seems really strange to me. The controls, auto, dual, off temp down / up don't change much. There is nothing wrong with the car otherwise, no warnings or anything. The exhaust manifold and turbo are really close (in front) of the tubing going trough the firewall so I suppose it's simply an empty circuit being heated by the engine exhaust, right?

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One side blowing hotter than the other would indicate an actuator flap not opening/closing on that side. If the other side is only cooling slightly when a/c is switched on then your refrigerant is either low or empty due to a leak, that is if your a/c compressor is working.

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