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Have a hyundai i40 66 plate keeps saying start stop condition not met if tried all settings but does not come back on does anyone have the same issue? 

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It’ll be battery condition. Keeping it topped up at full charge is really odd. You, counterintuitivly, need to put it under more load in order to get the alternator to charge the battery. So run with the rear screen heater and/or heated seats for a week or so and you might find it kicks in to life. A 66 plates battery should be ok still. 

Mine scared the life out of me during the week. My stop/start hasn’t worked for about 3 years. I knew the battery was on its way out and, just before christmas, it died completely. I got a replacement. Expected stop/start to start working. It didn’t. Just assumed, like many other bits and bobs, it was knackered. Then, coasting up to a set of traffic lights, in neutral, it just died when I stopped. I thought ‘oh god, here we go’ ( it is over 5 years old with 163k miles on it) but looked down and stop/start has actually started working again!! I can only assume the battery wasn’t fully charged when it was replaced!!

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