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Car stolen

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Won’t be on here so often now as the car was nicked from a garage workshop whilst awaiting a new water pump.

They even got my new pump that was sat on the front seat. Devestated tbh. 

Done 190.000M but was well looked after , oil & filters done every 10.000 , clean as a whistle. 

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Bummer mate - assume it will be covered by the workshop insurance?  What you going for next? (A taxi driver's ideas are always worth listening to!)


(I'm at 163k and counting...)

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Broke into the office and whipped the keys along with a 50k defender.

My insurance don’t wanna know. 

Looking at the ionic. The mid spec wipes the floor with the Toyotas.

A hybrid is going to save me a tenner a day on fuel , it’s got to be the way forward for me.

local dealer is offering 5% off for the ionic on a taxi deal or 25% off for the i40.

The finance work out very similar. 

Would be tempted towards an i40 but not to far away it’s genna be £12.50 per day extra thanks to our supposedly small business loving mayor of London.

Took an ironic out for a test drive and a much better drive by far than the Toyota I’m renting atm. CarPlay and android standard amounst loads of other extras. Heated steering wheel as well. Only off putting bit is drivers seat isn’t electric other than the lumber.

Garage insurance company also being a bit of a mare right down to the fact they won’t call me or corespondent to me in any way as I’m not the policy owner. They won’t even pay me any settlement but pay everything out to the garage owner as he’s the policy holder.



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