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Common faults & replacements - then out of warranty

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Hi All,

My i40 is about to fall out of the 5 year warranty. So I was thinking....

I've had around 5 parking sensor replacements (back and front) under warranty as well as the reversing camera. As others will testify to, there are clearly problems with the design/build quality of some components. It's almost a certainty that I will have another parking sensor failure in the coming months that I will have to pay for myself which are expensive to replace.

Has anyone had any experience of Hyundai recognizing this fact after warranty when is comes to covering the the cost of replacement of these common items?

Any other thoughts or advice on this?



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The way they’ve handled my latest warranty issues, I doubt it... 

I have 4 days of warranty left and if stuff like this fails I’ll just leave it, but then mine has now done nearly 160k miles!!

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