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Lord Elpus

2016 i10 auto transmission and cruise control

I have ordered a new Premium SE i10 automatic, looking at the spec list, I notice a baffling statement that 'cruise control' is only fitted to manual transmission. I do not understand Hyundai's reason for the omission. I asked the Dealer to contact Hyundai and ask why, still waiting! If anyone has any idea as to what is the reason for 'manual only', I would be grateful.

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No is the short answer, I can only assume they are holding back some of the 'goodies' including intermittent wipers for the rear window to tempt punters into buying a later version! I ordered the car without looking at an example first, so with regard to the colour,I only have myself to blame, because Sparkling Aqua Blue it sure ain't, it's just Aqua Blue!!! If I polish it till my arms drop off, it will probably shine a bit more.

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