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EPB Parking brake fault

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Hi all. Just bought a 2014 i40 manual 1.7 diesel with full Main Dealer service history and a brand new motor! Had it 2 weeks and not used for 12 days - jumped in today and the Orange EPB light is on with the Red flashing handbrake light. So did the usual disconnect battery for 1 hour - still the same. Got out my trusty Dealer scanner Maxidas 808 and ran full diags - got code C1501 switch fault. So with the Dealer diagnostic scanners we can do an active test of components and the consol switch for the handbrake(electric lever) it shows to be working on and off ok. The actuators for the both rear handbrake mechanisms are also working on and off ok. The system was perect as was the Hold button which still works.

Looking on the web basically produces no answers other than a software glitch exists if the hold button used improperly!!! How the blazes can it be used "improperly"????

When the Hold button is on and I switch car off the handbrake does not engage. I did, on the 3 occassions I drove the car, when stopped and Hold button on then manually used the EPB to engage the brake.

A call the Main Dealer and spoke to the "Master technician" (head mechanic????) and surprise surprise - "I've never heard of that before - you must need a new switch - we sell loads of them. Just about £120/30/50 plus vat...."

Well stuff that for a game of soldiers - the switch is showing as ok so does anyone have an answer/solution for me?

btw - previous and only owner said he basically only ever used the hold button and the gen condition ie no paint missing or rubbed off the switch would tend to suport that comment.

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Forum ruined by spammers mate and forum owner is in hiding !


The knowledgeable have mostly cleared off  :mellow:

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