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Found 8 results

  1. Pairing An Iphone

    My mother has just received her new i40 and she's delighted with it. However, she has had no success attempting to pair her iPhone to use over bluetooth. I've looked at this for her and I can't figure it out. When you enter the Setup menu, then select Phone and then Pair, the screen displays "Listening" and the female voice says "Please say the name of the phone" (or something along those lines). No matter what I say at that point, the voice comes back and says "Pardon" a couple of times and then quits. My voice does not seem to be recognised at all. The bluetooth setting is turned on on the phone, but the car does not appear on the phone as an available bluetooth device. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thanks
  2. Hi All, New here, have a question for you ix35 owners. Recently got an 2013 ix25 and the bluetooth worked just fine for a while, but recently is't just not there anymore, all of a sudden. Paired my phone with it, used it for a few days/a week, listened to music/podcasts, but one morning the bt won't just turn on anymore, when I start the car. Was curious if anyone else had this problem and what can I do about it, until I go back to the dealership I got the car from. Is there something that I can "reset", "turn off and back on", anyone has any idea? I would rather try some simple things first if possible, until I go back with the car for this. Checked the phone, seems to be ok, can connect to other BT devices, connects to my watch all the time. Tried turning BT off and back on just to be sure, done the entire "search mode" thingy - nothing. The BT logo in the main unit's screen is just not there anymore, like it was when it was working. If anyone has any ideas i can try, would really appreciate it. Thank you. George
  3. I tried to select my phone on Bluetooth so that I could listen to music through the radio system, but no matter what I press (whether it's "Select", "BT Off" etc) it keeps saying "Phone Book Downloading" and I can't do anything. It used to work perfectly yesterday.
  4. ISSUE 1: Cannot hear me - The person at the other end of the phone call cannot hear me when I'm on Bluetooth. I have brought my I40 back to the dealer to get the Bluetooth updated. It took over 6 weeks to get this done. There is no improvement. I still have to take the phone off Bluetooth and speak hands-free or put the phone on speaker. Has anybody had this issue or got any fixes? ISSUE 2: Brake sticking - Sometimes the brake will not disengage when driving off. I have to manually press the brake pedal and then release the brake button. ISSUE 3: Engine Stop - When in traffic the auto Stop / Start says its deactivated. It did work when I got the car at first. The engine would knock off when I stop (lights, slow traffic etc) and would restart again when I pressed the clutch. Anybody know if there is a check for this? Thanks Guys, Tom
  5. I have been using the bluetooth phone connection for my mobile, and that works well, however, I recently got given an ipod Touch so I thought I'd connect that up as well. The ipod connects fine but at the expense of the phone connection. Is it possible to use the phone whilst the ipod is connected? What I'm trying to say is can both devices be connected and available for use simultaneously? Thanks
  6. Voice Commands

    just got my I40 Premium managed to pair my iPhone, the phone book is visible on the screen the manual says to make a call press the call button say "Call" say "Name" say name(Voice Tag) say desired location(phone type , home, mobile etc) now I cannot get the system to do anything if I say call however if I say telephone it asks for a name WTH! so if I say the name I either get a funny noise or no name yet the name is there in the phone book
  7. I currently took my Hyundai to the dealership because people could not hear me via blue tooth. They replaced the mic and the head unit and tried the antenna and it still does not work. does anyone know anything else that it could be? They spole with hyndai techs and cannot figure it out! Wondering if anyone else had this issue? And how wa sit fixed. Also there were no updates needed. Agibs
  8. Bluetooth Track Listing

    Hi, new here having just taken delivery of my i40 Premium Tourer. Just run into a (minor) niggle. Nothing that would seriously put a dent in my enjoyment of the car! - Bluetooth Track Listing I have successfully paired my iPhone with the entertainment system. No issues with this. However, when I play music, when the first song plays, the track listing details (artist, album etc) appear. But subsequently when a new song starts, the details don't change. So if the first song was, say U2 - Vertigo and then the next song was Beethoven - 5th symphony, I could be listening to Beethoven while the screen tells me it's still U2. Is this the same for everyone? Is it perhaps an iPhone specific problem? Either way, is there any solution? It's not a biggie, but it does kind of annoy me that the on screen info doesn't update. Also, is it possible to navigate through the music on the iPhone while using bluetooth? This works pretty flawlessly when connected using the iPhone cable, but the ideal would be for this to be possible whilst using bluetooth instead. The reason (apart from having to plug in) is that when connecting with the cable, receiving a call by bluetooth seems to kick the iphone into bluetooth mode. Like Apple have decided for me that since a bluetooth connection exists, I surely want to use that instead of the dock connection! Trouble is, it doesn't restart the music (which was paused to take the call ) over bluetooth and this is only possible by using the phone itself. Doesn't occur if listening to music over bluetooth to start with. But then there's the track listing issue. And the lack of ability to select albums etc by bluetooth. Grateful for any pointers or workarounds other may have devised. Maybe there's a way of updating the audio/satnav system firmware? Seems like these are glitches that are likely to be ironed out in due course. Cheers, Fraser