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  1. Spam the spammers

    Can Admin not stop the spam?
  2. Car stolen

    Sorry for your misfortune. Will you buy another i40?
  3. Where to source replacement clutch

    Try https://www.micksgarage.com/d/clutch-kits/hyundai/hyundai-i40/i40-saloon-2012-onwards/1-7-crdi-136-1685/products
  4. Hyundai are recalling vehicles in the USA because of engine failure. http://www.reuters.com/article/us-hyundai-motor-recall-idUSKBN17903Z will it happen in Europe?
  5. Satnav

    Do a factory reset
  6. Dashboard rattle

    Why is this not being fixed under warranty?
  7. Sunroof

    Spray WD 40 on the tracks should free it up. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  8. I40 Seats To Soft ?

    Seems you have a problem with your seat. I find seat very comfortable. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Cornering Bulb

    Has anyone replaced a cornering bulb. The manual says it is a H7L. Is this different from an ordinary H7. Auto factors don't have H7L. Can a H7 be used or do I have to go to a dealer?
  10. What To Look For In A Test Drive?

    Hi V96GLF I have a 2012 i40 136 bhp Blue drive saloon and have never had any problems. I consistently get 50 mpg and would recommend the i40 to anybody.
  11. Tyre Choice

    I find the Hankook tyres noisy. Has anyone replaced them with another brand?
  12. Lights On Rear Doors

    Are the lights at the bottom of rear doors lights or are they just reflectors? The front ones come on when the door is open but the rear don't. I tried to pry off the lens to see if there was a bulb inside but stopped for fear of doing damage. Any ideas?
  13. Dash Rattle Driving Me Mad !

    I just wedged a small piece of rubber between the windscreen and the dash midways on the passenger side. Problem solved.
  14. I40 Reversing Camera Issues

    My reversing camera died today, just getting a blue screen when I engage reverse. Local dealer will look at it on Monday.
  15. Foggy Rear Camera

    Does anyone else find the reversing camera useless in the dark especially if there is no street lighting and because the screen is so bright it is very difficult to use the wing mirrors. Can the reversing lights be upgraded?