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  1. When will the i40s appear?

    Can't be far off as release date was scheduled mid-2011, which we're now at!
  2. 2wd vs 4wd

    Yeah, the 4WD is going to give you more power and stability than the 2WD. Also with a 4WD you are going to be able to carry a higher load.
  3. What did it replace?

    I was trying to remember what old Hyundai model the i10 replaces. One of those things you know you know but you can't remember. At this point I think it is the Amica, anyone know if that's correct?
  4. Sporty Dream

    Yeah, that is when you know you are really well off, you go and buy the nicest toppless car you can find, then can't drive it because of rubbish weather. Wouldn't it be fun to have that sort of money. Most of us though, are in the practicability, but still wanting to look nice, zone.
  5. I like the safety aspects

    Many years ago there was that scare where people said that SUV's were not safe because they would flip. I know it has been a long time, but it still makes me worry. Has Hyundai figured out the solution to that old problem?
  6. Most popular Hyundai?

    When I am out and about I tend to notice a lot of Sonatas. I was wondering if it is just a very popular car around here, or if it is one of Hyundai's most sold cars. Anyone know?
  7. What is an MVP?

    I always see this term, but the truth is that I don't really understand what an MVP is and what makes it different from other vehicles. Can anyone clue me in?
  8. Hello from a Hyundai fan

    Hey nice to meet you. I feel a lot like you. The Hyundai that I have driven have really lived up to my expectations and I always stick with a brand when it does me right.
  9. Duel clutch

    I think duel clutches are something that are more an more popular. You can get all the benefits of a manual transition with the ease of an automatic one.
  10. Need help deciding!

    Thanks for the tips guys. I am making a list of different models. Then I need to start researching the years they were made. Any suggestions are welcome as well.
  11. Good old times

    Had to love the Pony. If you really do decide to get an old pony to refurbish you should also pimp it out. Why not go retro with a modern take?
  12. Sporty Dream

    Was that the only reason you went with the i20? You should drive what ever you feel comfortable in, but if you want a sporty car and can afford it, then why not? Who knows, maybe in a year or two you can trade yours in.
  13. ix35 achieves 5-Star Euro NCAP

    Do you find that this is a professional car? Say you would be responsible for driving your boss around in your ix35, is it a car you would feel good about your boss riding in?
  14. Hello, I am in the market for a new ride. I usually by used autos because they are cheaper. They also do not last as long or look as nice. I have a new job that requires that I look professional so I need a nicer auto. I would love to get a Hyundai, so here I am looking for advice.