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  1. 3 Double Beeps When Starting Engine

    My car started doing the same some months ago. At the same time the stop/start stopped working, so I was assuming the beeping was some sort of warning to say there was a fault. Took it to a dealer to fix stop/start and they said there was nothing wrong and tried to tell me my phone charger was drawing too much current. Then took it to another dealer who diagnosed the battery needed replacement. They then did this (gosh the battery was expensive) and I was expecting the beeping to go and it didn't. The car still beeps soon after turning on the ignition and has done for 3 months and 2 dealers couldn't tell me what it meant. I've since now changed the car anyway.
  2. Newbie With Gearbox Problems

    Interesting to know exactly what the fix is. Did you get a copy of the job sheet ? Andy No, The dealer told me they weren't allowed to say that the fix is!
  3. Facelift Anyone?

    I followed a facelift i40 tourer at the weekend. The LED brake lights aren't as nice as the old model - they're tiny. But the front looks better. I've seen on the pictures that the sat nav is different. Overall, its quite a mild faceflift, but needed.
  4. Newbie With Gearbox Problems

    Take it in to a dealer. There is a fix for this now. Mine was done two weeks ago. It has transformed my car. I've had two replacement clutches previously, but they now have a fix, which I believe is some sort of clutch valve.
  5. What Clutch & Gearbox Improvements?

    My car will be going in for its 60K service in the New Year and again I've got to get them to look at my clutch. Its getting very bad. It crunches in more than just 1st and 2nd now and sometimes I really struggle to get it in first. I'm getting to used to double clutching all the time. And my clutch slips way too easily. Sometimes it really stinks.
  6. Dual Exhaust

    Its a real shame the tourer doesn't have dual exhausts.
  7. Service At 40.000

    The £243+VAT price I paid wasn't the result of haggling or anything. I just booked it in and didn't ask the price. No doubt it could have been cheaper if I questioned it. I've found they will drop the price if you ask. But it seemed a fair price, so I paid.
  8. Service At 40.000

    My 40k service was £243.18+VAT. Got my 60K service within a month!
  9. Winter Tyres

    I've gone down the all-season tyre route, so I can keep the same tyres fitted all the year round. Had them (Goodyear Vector 4Seasons) fitted to my previous Kia Ceed SW and they were amazing in the snow. I got up our snow covered steep hill easier than my neighbour did in a Discovery in 4 wheel drive! I saw an article the other day which said it would be safer if we stuck with winter tyres all year, if we have to choose just one - a summer tyre or winter. But of course, an all-season tyre would be a better compromise.
  10. Sourcing I40 Front Wipers

    Just fitted these wiper blades. They are almost an exact match for the original Hyundai ones, so much so you'd never know they weren't. The plastic outer is identical. Picture1 Picture2 At only £15.90 delivered, why would you go to the main dealer?
  11. £362.29!!!

    Servicing costs are a little higher. Certainly higher than what Kia dealers I've dealt with in the past. My car has now done 54,000 miles and the costs so far have only been: - 20k service £208.71 - 40k service £243.18 - Set of Michelin 4 Seasons tyres at 40,324 miles £389.73 all prices exclude VAT
  12. Sourcing I40 Front Wipers

    I forgot to add, the advantage of the WiperBlades Hybrid over others like the Michelin Stealth hybrid wiper, is that it doesn't use an adaptor and therefore is like the OEM one. Some on Amazon are complaining that the adaptors add to much bulk and make the arm stick out further.
  13. This topic doesn't seem to have been covered yet, so I thought I'd share my findings here. I've done 54k miles in my i40 now (only 18 months old!!) and it needs new wiper blades. The i40 uses a hybrid wiper. You can fit standard flat wipers, the Bosch Aerotwin being the best, but if you want like for like, then the options I've found are: 1. Original Hyundai is around £40 a set and available online here. 2. WiperBlades Hybrid set is available for £13.20 a set from here. 3. Other manufacturers also have hybrid wipers, like Heyner, but if you follow the buy link, they are not listed. Also Mitchelin Stealth. They also do other 'standard' blades here too. If you're not sure about the quality of WiperBlades own brand blades, their flat versions came second in the AutoExpress test, which suggests to me that the quality of these blades is probably better, or at least as good, as the Hyundai OEM ones. Hope this is helpful. I'm just ordering a set of WiperBlades Hybrid, so I will report back how good they are next week.
  14. Smelling Clutch. I40 Tourer

    I had to drive up a large curb (in an Ikea carpark) and my clutch obviously slipped, although I didn't feel it slip. But there was one hell of a stink from my car. I was really surprised that the clutch slipped just going up the curb.
  15. Tyre Choice

    When mine wore out (40,500 miles) I put on a full set of Goodyear Vector 4Season tyres. I put them on one of my previous cars, a Kia Ceed SW and they were great - quieter, improved ride quality and gripped like glue in the winter. However, on the i40 I immediately noticed a different tyre noise. I think they are probably quieter (on paper they have a lower dB figure than the OEM) but the noise tone has changed to a higher pitch which takes some getting used too. These tyres certainly come into their own in the winter, but in the summer months I have noticed less grip (particularly when brand new) and a few times they've made me nervous. But now they are worn in a bit more (done another 7,000 miles now) they are fine. I've used these all-season tyres before, both these Goodyears and the Hankook's on our Kia Soul. They performed amazingly in the snow and ice and in the colder weather generally, I swore I'd never go back to summer tyres all year. These all-season tyres are a good compromise for all year use rather than the cost of a summer and a winter set of tyres. But in the i40, the summer grip has made me think again. Maybe it was because they take a while to wear in. Or maybe its a big car on small tyres. Or maybe I just drive too fast (probably true). But I'm stuck with them for the next 40k miles or so. However, in a month or two's time, when the colder weather comes, I bet I'll be glad I have them when I'm up and down the M40 every day.