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  1. 2wd vs 4wd

    Your not wrong, though I do disagree. It depends where you live at. If you are in the north, then you might need it for the extreme cold and wet weather as well as for off roading. And still yet others say they are safer.
  2. What a star!

    Wow, look at that, it has been in tons and tons of movies. Check out the Pony in Hot Shots! That one is just fantastic, I could see myself driving that!
  3. 2wd vs 4wd

    My first question is, what is the difference between 2wd and 4wd? My second question is, how do you decide between the ix35 2wd and 4wd?
  4. I would suppose the term satisfying means something different to each person. Some might be satisfied because it is safe, or they like the price, or because of how it looks, or by how it makes them feel.
  5. Oldie but goodie!

    Very nice, great car, great condition and great price! How do you keep yourself on top of it. Sometimes I will stay on top of regular care and then let myself slip.
  6. What did it replace?

    I just looked it up for you, I am pretty good at researching those things the Hyundai i10 is the model that they made to replace the Hyundai Amica.
  7. Hyundai reveals facelifted i10

    That's the great thing about this model, they squeeze in to tight place, and this car is easy to maneuver from what I have seen. If I drove one of these I wouldn't get so nervous in magic roundabouts!
  8. Oldie but goodie!

    Wow, you must be on top of taking care of it and be aware of how to drive for the life of your car! I have had cars for a long time but never that long! What is your secret?
  9. Duel clutch

    No, there is no difference. In different places they call it different things. You might also hear it called a "clutchless" manual transmission, and on rare occasions the automated manual transmission. I think duel clutch is just a simpler way to say it.
  10. Hello from a Hyundai fan

    Wow, was the paint a custom job? I bet that was a fun looking car! I find the key to having a successful driving career is learning to drive in a safe car like a Hyundai.
  11. Insurance

    I don't know how much that might run you. What you may want to do is contact a van insurance broker and have them collect a comparison of insurance companies for you. So you can find the best deal for premium and coverage.
  12. Duel clutch

    I don't think it's a stupid question. It means that it is a semi-automatic, that means that it has a different clutch for the odd gears and the even gears.
  13. Good old times

    My very first car was a Hyundai Pony. I have always had that idea that one day I will find another 5 door hatchback and restore it in an attempt to recapture my youth!
  14. Hey everyone!

    You can never go wrong with a Sonata, they are really reliable! As long as you take care of your Hyundai they can last a long time. Do you think you will go with a second Sonata or something a little different?
  15. ix35 achieves 5-Star Euro NCAP

    I am really not surprised. After driving my ix35 for a week I could not be more exciting about driving. It drives like a dream, a really nice change from my old clunker!