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  1. Fuel issue after service

    If it doesn't stabilise, a trip back to the dealer may be required but a phone call to their service receptionist to signal your unhappiness with their work on your car, creating a problem which didn't exist previously might be useful. Clearly, it's not going to be a major issue but if it's something you can live with, they might discount your next service if they can't manage to put things right for you. Indalo
  2. Not good

    Mid-40s is about par for the course if your typical driving profile includes a fair bit of urban stop-start/crawl in traffic stuff. That changes dramatically if the majority of your driving should be on motorways and fast A and B roads. Sticking to speed limits helps and driving leisurely without always flooring the throttle really does make a significant difference. While cruise control is nice, better economy can be achieved by avoiding it if you seriously want to achieve max mpg. As for the roof bars and cycle carriers, they do detract from the aerodynamics so add a small cost in terms of mpg. Be aware though that some 'experts' down the pub who swear blind they get 70-80 mpg from their i40s are just braggarts. They do things like get the car warmed up, hit a motorway, zero the fuel computer then photograph the readout when they have an impressive number - that translates to 'I get 80mpg out of mine and here's the proof' in the pub discussion. Over the piece, with a fairly mixed driving profile, they probably manage mid-30s to mid-50s depending on the time of year and general traffic conditions. Your mid-40s is probably about the mark but I would expect that to be in the 50s if you were leaving Scratchwood Services and staying on motorways to somewhere like Glasgow. My i40 was not BlueDrive-equipped but my very similar Kia Sportswagon is. My average over nearly 5 years with the i40 was high 40s, on a couple of occasions breaking into the 50s. My Kia is still very low mileage but I am averaging low 40s now which is slowly improving. For an automatic, I'm content and would imagine that the manual version would be 10-20% better given the same driving profile. That's my experience and I hope it helps. Indalo
  3. Loss Of Coolant Every Week

    The short answer 'Abzy', is expensive! If you cannot locate any obvious source of leakage, then the water is almost certainly finding its way into the combustion process via a crack somewhere between a water jacket and the cylinder, most commonly around the cylinder head. A flawed gasket can also be the root cause. A decent garage or your friendly Hyundai dealer should be able to pressure-test the water system and the cylinder pressures too if required but I'm surprised you make no mention of reduced performance or of uneven running as those are the common symptoms of gasket failure and/or cracked cylinder head or block. A pressure test should reveal something. Indalo
  4. i40 Can not open Fuel Flap / Cap

    My apologies 'hya140' if I misled you about an emergency fuel flap release tag. My memory isn't so good these days and I wasn't sure if my previous experience of that facility was in the i40 or another car. Unless you can fabricate something to restore full operation, (or know someone who can), you're probably going to have to check out the replacement part prices - I wouldn't have a clue about that but I'm sure your nearest Hyundai dealer will happily provide a quotation. In the event that any of the frequent correspondents to this forum might have a suggestion as to how you might accomplish a repair, could you just say whether you have the saloon or the tourer - they may be different in the rear compartment for all I know. Indalo
  5. i40 Can not open Fuel Flap / Cap

    I may be getting mixed up here but is there not an emergency fuel flap opener in the boot area on the i40? I know my current car has one and I know one of my previous cars in the last few years also had a similar device - I can't remember which car it was though! In any event, once you have the flap open, if you examine the workings, it might be possible to fabricate something which will facilitate the job without buying parts - it might require a bit of imagination and some 'Gorilla' adhesive. Otherwise, try a dealer for the parts. Indalo
  6. Surely it's a simple matter for a Hyundai dealer to re-programme your spare key? If that fixes it, it's probably worth a small charge. Having said that, it might be worth speaking to an auto electrician as I had a problem with the alarm system on my motorhome which I couldn't fix and the guy replaced the whole system with an up-to-date version of the same model for not a lot of money. Dedicated auto-electricians are pretty clued up on all these new-fangled things on cars that work by magic! Tom
  7. Hi John Boy and welcome to the forum. It is unlikely that any of our forum members will be be able to point to the cause of your problem with any certainty but if the vehicle is still within the warranty period, Hyundai will sort your problem, if indeed you still have one. If not, you need the services of a good automotive electrical engineer but it might prove costly to repair. Fortunately, there isn't really much that goes wrong with these systems so if you're equipped with new batteries and the system is now operating normally, you might just have experienced a very unfortunate and inconvenient glitch. It will be instructive for members if you can appraise us of any cause for that problem if remedied. Indalo
  8. Problems with i40

    I'd be guessing, I'm afraid Lewie. If it were me, I'd be disinclined from any diagnostic investigations other than disconnecting the battery and leaving it for half an hour before reconnection. In my experience, that sometimes resolves electronic glitches for reasons beyond my ken. You may remember SKY customer service 'techs' always advised removing the SKY box plug from the wall socket and leaving it unplugged for minimum 10 minutes when users experienced any kind of electronic hiccup with their system - it usually worked! As your snapshot of the instrument panel reveals a low-mileage car of the 2014-revised model, (I think), it should be under warranty. If I'm correct, let the dealership sort it. Indalo ps Sorry Lewie, I misread that odometer reading - I thought is was 11,000, not 118,000. I am overdue a trip to Specsavers!
  9. Problems with i40

    If you continue to experience this problem, I'm afraid that, unless you are well-versed in automotive electronics and have access to a full suite of electronic test instruments, this kind of work is best left to a Hyundai dealer. If you are lucky and the car is within the warranty period, it could be covered. Best of luck! Indalo
  10. Hi from Skye

    Welcome to the forum Rob. It's a pretty quiet place for the most part but there is some useful information within the various model sections if one is prepared to search a little. Obviously, anyone with information such as you may possess is always a welcome addition and I'm sure someone will be glad of your input at some point. Indalo (ex i40 Tourer owner now running Kia so still in the family really)
  11. Hi All

    Welcome to the forum 'WhiteBear'. There is quite a bit of material in the i40 branch so you may find answers to any queries you may have by checking out the various topics. By and large, the i40 has proved to be a decent car and is an attractive alternative to other large saloons and estate models available for similar money in the UK. There's a few regular correspondents who can provide you with information about the model's performance, economy and reliability long-term and over high mileages so if you have any problems, I'm sure those guys will point you in the right direction. My i40 has gone, replaced by a Kia model, but I have no issues with Hyundai as I think their business model is pretty good and the cars they are producing these days are worthy contenders in each market segment. Not everyone keeps a car long enough to make the 5-year warranty worthwhile but it does reflect a confidence in the product that most competitors are not prepared to match. I sincerely hope your i40 serves you well and provides low-cost motoring for you. Indalo
  12. Unfamiliar beeping sounds

    That's a strange one 'aldredd'. Obviously, you are talking about a different bleeping arrangement from your normal parking sensor alert and I can't say it's something I experienced with my i40. Perhaps one of the other frequent correspondents can shed some light on the matter but all I can think of is that you may have a faulty sensor. Maybe a bit of damp? Indalo
  13. Satnav

    You might wish to check in the settings to see which software the system is running. You can find out from the Navteq site how the latest system is numbered. The attached link is not necessarily what you want but it at least leads to the Navteq site and you can take it from there. The reason I mention it is that a car no longer within the dealer network may not have had the most recent software/firmware update. That being the case, any system glitches such as you describe might well be cured in the course of updating the system. I'm presuming here that Hyundai are still using Navteq for the satnav and hadn't moved to another supplier for 2014 cars. My 2016 Kia uses Tom Tom for example. https://www.navigation.com/is-bin/intershop.static/WFS/Navteq-Site/Navteq/en_GB/documents/Hyundai/Hyundai Instructions English.pdf Indalo
  14. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    I'd call that a result Garry! I'm not at all surprised that there was a fault with the clutch, rather than friction plate wear which would be most unusual at that mileage. That meant the difference between warranty work and the emptying of your wallet! As for the brakes, I think you're quite right to have them done elsewhere. As 'aabs' and 'Westkent' have indicated, brake pad replacement isn't beyond the competence of a decent non-franchised repairer or indeed anyone reasonably familiar with car maintenance DIY. While the rear pads could be in need of replacement, the actual discs are probably fine. Rear brakes only provide a small proportion of the job of bringing a vehicle to a halt, the fronts doing the lion's share. If it were me, unless the rear discs prove to be either badly worn, (measurable and usually obvious to the naked eye and a fingernail test), or warped, (unusual), which is difficult to see but can be measured on a clock gauge, I'd simply replace the pads. In the course of rear brake examination, the cause of a sticking handbrake should come to light. Given that you have been saved the clutch replacement costs, I'd be inclined to let your favoured non-Hyundai repairer check out the handbrake and pads. Indalo
  15. Flat battery

    Welcome to the forum Jamie. With the greatest of respect, I know from experience that the i40 battery is very well placed for easy access. If you are daunted by the idea of attaching charger terminals or jump leads, then I suggest you ask a friend or neighbour, perhaps more familiar than you with such matters, to help you. Indalo