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  1. I have a 2016 Tucson Premium SE and I want to fit some extra driving lights. The standard lights are OK but could do with some extra lights (live in middle of nowhere on country lanes). I have searched and cant really find anything without fitting a bulbar which I don't want to do and will spoil the cars looks. Has anyone any ideas if extras lights can be fitted, in the olden days of road rallying a pair of Cibie Oscars did the trick and lit up the world........
  2. Hyundai 2016 I-Camper

    After a 3 year break in production we have now started to convert the Hyundai i800 again. This one the Rosso edition will be at the NEC show 11th to 16th October 2016.
  3. Hyundai UK pictures of Wellhouse's i800 camper.
  4. New Hyundai i800 camper Nero special edition, standard i800 camper with addtion of colour coded roof and bumpers, full black leather interior, extra lighting, arm rested cab seats, 18 inch alloy wheels, piano gloss black wood. Stunning looking camper. www.wellhouseleisure.com
  5. Latest Caravan Channel feature on the multi award winning Hyundai i800 Camper by Wellhouse. http://caravanchannel.co.uk/videos?vid=279
  6. Wellhouse Leisure are pleased to announce our first export of a Left Hand Drive Hyundai H1 to a Hyundai dealer in Sweden http://www.bilgarden.se, hopefully the first of many. With the initial help of UKTI and weeks of work redesigning the conversion to LHD the first vehicle was delivered on 13th of January, for more info go to www.wellhouseleisure.com
  7. Hyundai H1 LHD

    This is our first left hand drive verison of the Hyundai i800 built for a Swedish Hyundai dealer.
  8. The Hyundai i800 Camper built by Wellhouse Leisure has won a 3rd award at the NEC show in Birmingham UK. This time the Caravan Industry's outright award for the "Motorcaravan of the year" went to the Wellhouse Hyundai i800. As well as this award the Hyundai also gained approval from the National Caravan council so within 6 months it has 3 top awards, NCC and ISO 9001 accreditation. For more info go to www.wellhouseleisure.com
  9. Hyundai i800 Camper

    Hi all, In reply to your questions, It Weighs just 150kg more as it loses the weight of the seats, flooring and tracks as well as the rear air-con first before conversion. Re price compared to a VW California its around £12,000 on a like for like basis and £16,000 cheaper than a VW Autosleeper Trooper. Reason we choose the Hyundai is that in the last 8 years we had converted over 750 Japanese base vans such as Mazda Bongo, Toyota Granvia and Regius so we were used to converting high spec Japanese vans already and the i800 fitted in well with what we wanted to do. You sleep 2 in the roof, 2 on the bottom and you can have a 5th cab bed bunk. Until last year we had not had much to do with Hyundai but were sold on them now so much so we have bought a new Santa Fe.
  10. Hyundai i800 Camper

    Below are a couple of links for the Wellhouse Leisure Hyundai i800 Camper van which we have been building since Feb 2011, already in its first 6 months its won the "Motor Caravan of the Year" award and also the Practical Motorhomes "Motorhome of the year" awards both times beating off the VW T5's ! http://www.wellhouseleisure.com/videos.php Hyundai Practical Motorhome review July 2011: http://www.practicalmotorhome.com/news/video-review-wellhouse-hyundai-i800-camper Can be seen at the NEC show in Birmingham October 2011 and all been well through selected Hyundai dealers in 2012. Hi-top and automatic versions as well as left hand drive all available.