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  1. "Hyundai promises new models, including a compact SUV, plus current model updates over the next four years" Link http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/frankfurt-motor-show/hyundai-plans-range-expansion My first thought is something like the HB20x from Brazil?
  2. Hyundai's Achilles Heel?

    I have been off this site for some time and its nice to see some good contributions! Some valid points made and I agree with the brand problem that Hyundai is facing. I cant help but think that Hyundai are not helping with some of their prices compared to competition. Still great value for money but they are pushing their luck in some cases.
  3. I40 Fully Loaded.

    Good stuff! You must be driving properly too! Not like aload of idiots that I see braking hard and speeding off etc!
  4. I40 Poor Bluetooth Quality

    Random! I noticed that in the Veloster, the driver can be heard much more clearly. Have you tried an alternative phone?
  5. Mpg, I40

    What kind of speeds were you averaging? Im finding it annoying with traffic and bad driving by others when I have to brake when using cruise control!
  6. Looking forward to seeing some more pics in April then!
  7. Looking forward to spotting these on the road!
  8. 1.6 engine is great but I know that people will want a bigger engine so this is great news! No mention of date though? I wonder if this will be mentioned in Geneva?
  9. Show Us Your Veloster!

    Got mine today! Pics to be uploaded soon!
  10. Hyundai Showroom was looking good today with Veloster, New I30, I40 and Ix35!

  11. Looking foward to more pics!
  12. Great News! Iv had a look at one, the entry level model doesnt do it justice though!
  13. New Car Review - Style

    Glad your pleased with it