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  1. Ix20 Isg

    Hi I am paddy who posted the original article on IX20 Stop/Go ignition cut out. I am still the owner of the same car, over 7 years olday, and the problem has persisted over the seven years. The most it ever worked was approx 6 tImes a year. I gave up with Hyundai who refused to admit there is a problem gave me £ 150 for all my trouble and told me not to contact them again as my case was closed. Interesting that Matt has found a solution I will give it a try and see what happens. Paddy
  2. Ix20 Isg

    Hi Newbie from Bristol my first reply just disappeared so some of this may be duplicated if the first one ever turns up. I was very interested to read your letter regarding your problems with ISG. I bought my IX20 Style model in January 2011 and ISG was fitted as standard but that is not the case now it has to be purchased separately. I wanted to ask if yours was a standard fitting or did you purchase it as an extra. My car was in again last week but the problem was not solved it was the same as when I took it in. Over the 2 years it has only worked on a couple of occasions. The real problem with ISG is that for it to work all the time providing all of the criteria are met is, what they do not tell you, that the battery has to be 94% charged all the time which is impossible to maintain given the driving conditions we experience. So from my dealings with Customer Services is they more or less blame me for not doing the right kind of driving. If you could let me know how you progressed to be offered £1000 I would appreciate it. Thanks again. Paddy
  3. Ix20 Isg

    Thanks very much for that Bumpkin at least I now know that ISG does work but it scares me even more that the dealer,tech.support and customer services seem to be unable or unwilling to do a full comprehensive test on the ISG itself. I am away until the end of November and offered the dealer to have the car over this period to do all the checks in their own time to find the solution. This was declined as the dealer did not want to take the responsibility in case my car got damaged on their premises, so we shall see. Another follow on problem having the battery disconnected is that the on board computer relating to fuel level does not give the correct reading anymore when fiiling up. When it was new and filled up to a full tank the mileage gauge always showed over 420+ miles could be covered but since having the battery disconnected it has shown between 280 & 320 miles so by looking at the gauge now I never know how many miles to empty. This has been going on since Sept.2011 and the response I get is that it will gradually get back to normal. This will be the next instalment. Thanks for your time. Paddy
  4. Ix20 Isg

    I purchased my IX20 IN January 2011 and have had problems with the ISG since day 1. I understand all of the criteria for it to function correctly. The switch extinguishes at the correct speed which indicates that all of the criteria have been met for the ISG to operate but does not. On stopping in traffic the switch illuminates but no ISG. driving on the switch again extuinguishes indicating that all of the criteria are met. The main dealer over this time has not really been very helpful in action only in words. Since day one it has operated only on few occasions and the many times I have returned the car to the dealer up to September 2011 the only thing they did was to fully charge the battery for 24 hours. The ISG worked perfectly for 3 days then stopped. After more visits it was not until September 2012 that they fitted a new larger battery, I was told to take the car home and leave it overnight for the computer to reconfigure which I did, the next day no ISG. On contacting the dealer I was asked to return the car, as the battery is not fully charged when it is delivered, for it to be fully charged, still no ISG until they found a sensor not working, replaced it after which the ISG worked for 3-4 days and has not worked since. The switch extingiushes at the correct speed which indicates that all of the criteria for the ISG to operate have been met. They now tell me that the battery needs to be charged at no less than 94% and that my driving is the probable cause of the problem. I asked that surely ISG is designed for town driving as this is where stop-starting occurs and although they said yes but you have to do long distance driving also, but what if you live in town. If the cause is to do with the battery surely the design is wrong that if the battery drops below 94% it does not work. I wonder how many batteries are running at 94% or over. I am in touch with customer services and the car is to go into the main dealer for more tests involving Tech Support of which I have no confidence . To date the full ISG has not been fully tested as such only the periphials have been. I would like them to confirm that the ISG is working correctly and that the software has no "bugs". I would like to hear your views as I am sure there is a real problem with the ISG on all Hyundai models which is not being admitted to as all the staff appear to be too coy.