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  1. Issues of Hyundai i10 gearbox

    Thank you my issue has been solved,....
  2. Hello everyone,, Just looking for some guidance. I have a 67 plate Hyundai i10 premium SE. She recently had her 2 year service. Got given the all clear apart from brake discs and tyres which we replaced. She has 21,000 miles on her - a far whack for an 18month car - from commuting to work. About a week after this I noticed a grinding/scraping sound. Took it to a Halford Autocenter. They listened and said most likely a gear box issue. It was a noise from the car in overrun. The earliest appointment from local garages was 2 weeks after this - today. Dropped her in. Heard the cost for if its not a warranty issue £660 - not including any parts she needs. Has anyone else had a scraping/grinding noise from and i10 and can anyone offer any advice on if I should be expecting this to be fair wear and tear or not? I have heard that a few new style i10s have gearbox design issues - read this on a few forums. Is it entirely possible to ruin a gearbox in 18months on 21k miles? Also if hypothetically it could be a toss up between wear and tear and warranty would I be at the mercy of the mechanic looking at the car? I am fully aware that you never know the problem until the car gets looked at. Hopefully this is enough information to give a good picture! Thanks
  3. What's the deal with the Hyundai I10?

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  4. Hello everyone,, Looking to get my first car (have been driving for 2 years) and the Hyundai I10 seems a good fit but it's hard not to wonder if there are so many on the road because they are a good car or just because they are fairly cheap? Also it's hard not to wonder why there are so many used ones for sale with low mileages. Is it because people buy them and then realise they don't like them?
  5. Thanks for the update, Sirius...

    Thank you my issue has been solved,...
  6. Hello everyone,, So I got the three month free subscription to Sirius Radio with my new Ioniq, and I went ahead and extended the subscription about a month ago. The three month free subscription just ended four or five days ago, and it rolled over to my paid subscription. The first day of the new subscription after the free trial ended, I got a message on my screen reading "Your subscription has been updated." Great! Thanks! I went where I was going, parked the car, did what I had to do, came back, started the car...and the same message popped up. For five days now, every time I start my Ioniq, Sirius tells me it's updated. I can be completely honest when I say I'm completely aware of the fact. Anyone have any idea how to fix this (admittedly mild) annoyance?
  7. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thank you my issue has been solved,......
  8. Hello everyone,, I own a Getz, which is the earlier version of the i20. Had it for 7 years. The petrol is underpowered in the 1.1, get the 1.4 or the 1.5 diesel preferably as its 30 quid a year road tax and gets 70mpg+. It's reliable as fuck , only breaks i've had with mine were garages being dickheads or my own stupidity. Done like 64k in it all over the country. The only thing I miss is my model doesnt have cruise control. Otherwise it's quite pleasant to drive and the turbo diesel version has plenty of kick to it. I've moved house using it like 5 times too, its got a suprisingly decent amount of space inside. feel free to ask me more things about it. Also, if you want to buy mine that'd be cool...