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  1. My experience with the i10 TWS!!

    my issue has been solved!!
  2. I bought a new car - Hyundai i30 !!

    my issue has been solved!!
  3. So, last week I got a 2018 i30 Fastback with 20k kilometres (about 12.5k miles) on the clock with a 5 year warranty. It's my first "new" car purchase, previously I've owned an EP2 Civic and Opel Astra G, so it's a huge change. The car's fully loaded with an optional package which adds blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. I'm not a big fan of the regular i30 (or the wagon), but I LOVE the design of the Fastback, especially the back-end. One thing I don't like is the design of the daytime running lights. When I saw the interior in pictures, I didn't really like the dashed on screen, but it kind of grown on me and I don't really mind it now. The car's an absolute blast to drive, the ride is comfortable and it's pretty quiet even at higher speeds. It came with 18" wheels, 1.4L 103KW and a 7-Speed DCT, the shifts are pretty quick and the adaptive cruise works really well, although sometimes at lower speeds it gets clunky. It's cool that it has a start-stop cruise, so even when the cars comes to a full stop, it doesn't disengage.
  4. My experience with the i10 TWS!!

    So I'm writing this as a heads up to those interested in buying the i10 TWS 'New Version' earbuds I purchased from Knockies: After owning a pair for almost a week, I've come across some really annoying problems. On my first pair, I've been having a problem where the right earbud would cut in and out pretty often. It would lose signal for 2-3 seconds on the right earbud only, then the sound would pop back in. This problem seemed to persist way more often when walking around outside from class to class, though it would still happen when sitting at home in my room, albeit less often. This was a small problem, but it really ruined the whole experience I had with them. Otherwise, they were a pretty decent set of earphones for the price. As for the second pair that I ordered for my girlfriend.. the case was defective. When the earbuds were put into the case, they would not power off as they are intended to. The earbuds actually didn't power off unless I held them half way into the charging case and at a certain spot. Once dropped in to charge, the earbuds would still be connected to my phone and even play music. The only way to disconnect these earbuds/turn them off was to disconnect them in my bluetooth settings. I tested both pairs of earbuds with the defective case in question to verify that it was the case, and it was. The right earbuds also cut out on this pair, too.