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  1. Now the Russian Spammers Arrive
  2. academy awards 2019 live stream reddit[

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  3. Yes, you're fat. I'm not blaming you...your the one sitting down on your filthy chair all day spamming sites. No wonder you're sooooooooooooooooooo FAT! That's the way you are! Answer: You're cellulite.
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  5. http://amusecandy.com/groups/25495

  6. https://reddit.com/an3624/

    Let the troll be a troll...
  7. 2001 accent transmission

    The connector in the diagram is under the floor console next to the shifter lever assembly. There will be a wiring loom with 3 wires coming out the bottom of the shifter lever. The wires in that loom route from the O/D switch to the 3 terminals of the connector.
  8. 2001 accent transmission

    Take the console apart to expose the shifter assembly...there will be 2 or 3 wires coming down the shifter tube and out the bottom, usually 1 of them wires is broken. Lightly pull on each wire and you should find the broken one. 2 choices: repair wire or replace the switch-wire assembly.
  9. 2001 accent transmission

    Welcome, is your car automatic or manual?
  10. https://reddit.com/aamqh2/

    Bro, serious.....you got an ugly avatar.
  11. The G70 gives us hope for the Korean luxury brand. https://www.motor1.com/reviews/298894/2019-genesis-g70-33t-design-edition-review/