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  1. does anyone know if there is actually an Amp in it?!!! I believed I read somewhere there was - could be behind panel where the so called 'sub' is meant to be.
  2. Just bought a i40 Premium Tourer 2012 from dealer. I picked it up without test drive as I was some distance away but happy with the drive of the car. The stereo is absolutely shit though! I cannot hear a subwoofer in it all all. The treble tweeter in the upper front door distorts really badly and I'm sure the lower mids speakers are distorting too. This is shameful for what should be a 'Premium' system. One other thing I noticed was that the sound when plugged to my phone direct with USB cable was worse!! I'll need to do a CD test next just to make sure it's not a bluetooth issue. Already I'm thinking about possibly replacing the speakers on the front door (2 tweeters and 2 x lower mid speakers) Has anyone done this? If so would you mind sharing your experience and did it make a huge difference?