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  1. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Very interesting.............my 2016 Tucson 1.7 auto/dct also has a judder when starting off from cold in winter ; this is usually when under load, i.e. moving off from stationary start, especially on a slight incline. Had a telecom' with the service manager, etc etc, all versions according to your previous notes. My point was that I should not be experiencing "clutch judder" on a bloody automatic, so your comments indicate my observations were correct !! Once all warmed up it is not an issue, but there is obviously a fault, since it can occur on a colder/wet day in non-winter months aswell. Occasionally, it will not only do the judder but also go into a false neutral briefly before finding second gear and getting going.......service manager was not used to this sort of detailed observation....... But this car is so much better than the VW misfits that I had in the 2 previous years that I can live with it for now, albeit while we all wait for the Hyundai Fix. Incidentally, I got the impression that the judder could be worse the heavier you were on the throttle, but since that is not my driving style on a cold engine, I have never tested that. Having read all about the woes of Mondeo dual mass flywheels (mk 3 I think), and Honda CRVs going into limp mode, aswell as VW issues with diesel particulate filters and AdBlue, it seems Diesel Cars in general are no longer as straightforward as they should be.