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  1. Show Us Your Hyundai I40!

    My first diesel (and only my second car with fewer than 6 cylinders). But, what a sumptuous place to be, on the motorway commute. SE Nav Business DCT. Ex-demonstrator from a Hyundai dealership. Impressed.
  2. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Hello Neil Keith (Celtic) and Terry (Quantum) have both advised they don't offer a mapping for the engine with DCT 'box. A shame.
  3. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Any non-OEM, unapproved component (including 3rd party remap) will void Hyandai's warranties on the engine, clutch and gearbox. I've got 4 years of warranty remaining and, much as I would like more low-range torque, I won't risk the loss of such a good warranty. However once I hear back from Quantum and Celtic, regarding the effect of their remaps on the DCT, I'll put their replies here for you.
  4. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Hello Neil - I'm wanting to do similar. I share your view re: DCT input torque. I have contacted Celtic and Quantum so I'll update this thread once I hear back. Happy and safe motoring.