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  1. 2013 ix35 bluetooth issues

    Oh no sorry, the phone I meant, the android system. I wouldn't even know where to start to do this with the car system It was the same for me, the bt logo wasn't displayed at all on the central unit's display. Found that it's showing only when it's an active connection with the phone. What battery state are you referring to, the phone's battery levels? It doesn't do that for me either, found that it's only a basic connection, only for sound, it's not eve sync'ing my contacts to use the voice control to call someone. I'm only using it to listen to music on Spotify or different podcasts while driving to work and back. I have in plan to replace the factory central unit with an after-market one, more powerful and with more features (maybe an Android one?), but in the future, not right now. That should solve the compatibility issues, I reckon.
  2. 2013 ix35 bluetooth issues

    Sorry, should've updated this in the meantime: turns out it was because of the phone, if it's quite new, there are some compatibility issues apparently with ewer generation phones. I had to do a "hard reboot" to bring the BT connection back to life. Didn't had problems since. But this might be in my case only, the car is from 2013 and the phone is a 2017 generation. Hope that helps.
  3. Hi All, New here, have a question for you ix35 owners. Recently got an 2013 ix25 and the bluetooth worked just fine for a while, but recently is't just not there anymore, all of a sudden. Paired my phone with it, used it for a few days/a week, listened to music/podcasts, but one morning the bt won't just turn on anymore, when I start the car. Was curious if anyone else had this problem and what can I do about it, until I go back to the dealership I got the car from. Is there something that I can "reset", "turn off and back on", anyone has any idea? I would rather try some simple things first if possible, until I go back with the car for this. Checked the phone, seems to be ok, can connect to other BT devices, connects to my watch all the time. Tried turning BT off and back on just to be sure, done the entire "search mode" thingy - nothing. The BT logo in the main unit's screen is just not there anymore, like it was when it was working. If anyone has any ideas i can try, would really appreciate it. Thank you. George