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  1. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Thanks Westkent. I've just had a voicemail from Hyundai to confirm that they cannot cover the radiator under warranty as the corrosion was caused by wear and tear, and I'm guessing that they will argue it wasn't leaking, therefore not faulty as such. The radiator only lasted JUST 5 years and 88,000 miles which seems a very short lifespan to me for a normally functioning radiator. On a plus note, Hyundai customer services suddenly seem a bit more concerned about my inexplicable loss of coolant and have passed the issue on to technical . I do not know whether changing the radiator has stopped the coolant level dropping as I haven't covered enough miles yet, so the sudden concern may be a little too late as the problem might be solved now. I'll post an update when I've covered more miles.
  2. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Well, my car has been in to a second dealer. The car passed the pressure tests again, and no leak could be found whatsoever. The dealer advised that they'd have to fill the system, and that I should drive 500 miles and bring the car back so they can see the drop in coolant for themselves (which sounds like they don't believe me, like I'm some sort of serial dealership visitor just for kicks). However, this dealer did point out the fact that my radiator was severely corroded, but DEFINITELY NOT leaking. Bit of a coincidence it seems to me.... I've had the radiator replaced at a mind boggling cost, and re-topped the coolant when the car was completely cold. Now to wait and see if the level drops over a period of time. I'm a bit concerned that the first dealer did not mention my radiator on either occasion they "investigated" this problem. I'll be contacting them to see about a refund for the £90+ investigation charge, and contacting Hyundai to see how willing they are to cover this under warranty as in my view the radiator issue should have been spotted on first inspection, which took place within the warranty period (and as far as I can tell radiators are covered under warranty, I cannot see any exclusion for them).
  3. I have paperwork and e-mail threads to try and make my case. The car is booked in tomorrow at another dealer but you're right they do want more dollars and are already telling me the car is out of warranty. Ant d, sorry to ask, but is there any chance you could find out how yours was diagnosed so I can give this dealer a nudge in the right direction?
  4. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Hi Westkent, Thanks for your advice and on your previous post too. Having the oil tested is another option I'm considering. That is the phone number I have spoken to today. I feel like Hyundai have washed their hands of the probelm ("there is no evidence of coolant loss, the car is operating normally"), and left all the onus on me to find the cause. I had previously requested to have the car looked at by another dealer with no charge and that request was refused, I'd have to pay another £90 (ish) for investigation which may well end in the same result, so I'm reluctant to do that at this point. I'm waiting to hear back from an alternative dealership to see if they can offer any insights on the loss of coolant but passing pressure tests.
  5. Coolant Loss - Puzzler!

    Hi Ant, I've only just realised you'd replied on this thread! Thanks for taking the time to do that. I've replied on another thread as I just came across your post on there. I would be very interested to learn how yours was diagnosed. I feel like mine is the same problem. Literally just spoken to Hyundai "Customer Service" today, who are refusing to escalate my problem to HMUK technical team, and suggest I call out the AA! I've spoken to a few independent garages and another dealer, just trying to decide which is my best next step, but the info on how yours got diagnosed would help me decide. I'll wait patiently for your reply. Cheers
  6. I'll just add to this thread that I too have a problem with my coolant level dropping (i40 tourer 2013, 137 bhp). The vehicle has been in to Hyundai twice, and passes all the pressure tests. At this point Hyundai don't want anything more to do with it. Ant d, I would be very interested to hear how your problem was diagnosed. Hyundai are out of ideas for mine, they told me to call out the AA to inspect!! Annoying thing is, I reported this issue under warranty but now I'm out of the warranty period so I think I'll have a fight on my hands if it turns out to be serious!
  7. Hello, I've had a good search of the forum but can't find the same problem I'm experiencing, I hope somebody can offer some advice. My i40 Tourer (1.7 136ps Blue Drive) is losing coolant at around a rate of full to empty in 1,000 miles. The car has been in to my local Hyundai service center twice. On the first visit a visual inspection was carried out, the system was filled and taped shut, and I was sent packing and told to bring the car back in 620 miles time. I completed the stated 620 miles, booked the car back in and when I dropped the car off, coolant level was just under half way to empty. This time the system was pressure tested but no loss of pressure was observed. And that is the end of it as far as Hyundai are concerned. No more tests or checks can be carried out as there is "no evidence of coolant loss". I'm at a loss as to why the coolant level is dropping but the car passes the pressure tests? Is that even possible? My current thinking is to get the car re-tested at a local independent garage (issue was reported to Hyundai under warranty so cynical me is wondering whether I've been given the correct pressure test result) but I was hoping somebody else might have had a similar problem or could shed some light or reasons why this might be happening. Many thanks for reading.