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  1. Apple Car Play

    Thanks Ian. I have found the link to the E530 software you have installed. https://yadi.sk/d/FJQZN-933TvT76 ill update my blog post with the newer version. Currently updating my car. We don’t have DAB here in Ireland as far as I know. It’s a pity as it would be great to have it!!
  2. Apple Car Play

    Did you get a new firmware update as well as maps Ian? If so, could you share a screenshot of your software versions?
  3. Apple Car Play

    FYI guys. Found the latest maps for 2018. Download link is here. https://www.drive2.ru/l/501014464502432927/
  4. Apple Car Play

    Absolutely! Spread the word. Have you got a link to that group? I’m not on Facepalm myself but can have a look.
  5. Apple Car Play

    FYI I have posted a short blog post with full english instructions on how to do the upgrade, for anyone who is interested.
  6. Apple Car Play

    Hey Ian, Yep I totally understand. I would also have went with the Hyundai method if it weren't for the rip-off republic being in effect . The update I installed last night removes the need to use an SD which came with the car, which is a nice added benefit. I recorded the update as I did it and posted the video on youtube for anyone else who is wondering how it is done. Thanks for your help with all of this. It was this thread that got me thinking it was at all possible in the first place, and for that I am grateful. Regards Finbarr
  7. Apple Car Play

    Ok so eventually I figured this out. I know Ian you were saying the software update is free at the local dealer, but the local Hyundai dealer here in the Irish republic doesn’t think so was looking for €100 for “labour” costs. So I looked to get the update files online and found them on another forum. Instructions on how to download and update to get Apple Carplay version (EUR) are here: https://www.drive2.ru/l/492401715044155399 Download Update Folder: https://yadi.sk/d/2P-O8kHN3RNyd5 and put on a USB drive (FAT32) and in car with car engine on. Go to system…update, etc. During the upgrade you might get an error (109). At this point use a ballpoint pen to press the reset button at the side of CD insertion. You need to remove the flash drive otherwise the error will appear in a cyclic form. After the restart, the update continued and was successfully completed. (No need to re-insert the USB key after the reset) This firmware turns off the verification of SD memory cards with navigation to match the original one. Now files with navigation can be put on any SD card. Maps Latest Maps can be downloaded here: https://cloud.mail.ru/public/8Thp/suDqMNSsF/ Do the software upgrade at your own risk, yada yada yada.
  8. Apple Car Play

    Interesting. Thanks @Ian51 for checking that for me. Ok, so I guess the software update occurs by using a USB key in the USB slot of the car. I see there is a direct download of the installers for US based cars here. I might see if I can figure something out from that.
  9. Apple Car Play

    Edit: I don't need the full contents, only the /update folder should be required.
  10. Apple Car Play

    @Ian51 Is there any chance you could copy the files from your i40 SD card and send them to me? I am a software developer myself, and have been digging around some developer forums. I think if I can get a copy from someone who has the update, I might be able to install the update myself.
  11. Apple Car Play

    Thanks Ian51. Here is the firmware on my i40 at present. It has Android Auto but not CarPlay. The dealer I bought from was told by his service engineer that this is the latest software being reported from Hyundai. It is an Oct 16 car.
  12. Apple Car Play

    Looks like this is the firmware? http://hyundai.navigation.com/cms/page.softwareupdate/en_GB/HyundaiEMEA/EUR can anyone who has it installed confirm the software version?
  13. Apple Car Play

    This would be amazing. It is my first Hyundai and I am looking forward to picking it up. Having CarPlay would be there cherry on top. Thanks!
  14. Apple Car Play

    Guys I have just bought an Oct 2016 Model i40 SE Nav. When buying I asked the UK dealer about CarPlay and he said it wasn’t installed. Reading this thread makes me think it might yet be possible for a software upgrade. Is that right?