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  1. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi my friend Hyundai have know of this problem by the sounds of it for over a year, and as they say still looking into it!!!!wow. Say to them under the consumer act that the vehicle is not of merchantable quality. not fit for purpose and that under the act you are entitled to certain rights.You never mentioned the warranty? what did they say or show you in writing?
  2. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi. All sounds a bit.......Look under the 5yr warranty and see for yourself what is or not covered. If you cannot find it ask them to show you in (writing) where the statement is.If anything it will be under wear items used...i.e tyres brake shoes etc. "0.000 mls on a clutch does seem very very low. Secondly I would point out the consumer act of October 2015..Look it up..it is online for all to see and get to know what rights you have BEFORE going back to them. I am still waiting on mine. If you do get a new car ....pay by credit card and again get to know what rights you have in a 30 day period and even up to 6 years. I hope this helps you in your quest for "power to the people"!! regards Ian
  3. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi. Good morning. To be truthful I don't know. Sorry I cannot help you at all. As you can read there are some of us having a problem to say the least. The most worrying thing is people are getting very deceiving in what they are saying and my truthful advice is no matter what you need ALWAYS no matter how trivial you may think it is......get it in writing and make sure it states what you wish it to state, not what they want to put, ( Whoever they are ). Under the consumer act you have choices, but whether the car is new or second hand those choices differ, as does the time schedule in what you complain about. Buy by credit card......you are protected either way. i hope this is helpful to you. kindest regards
  4. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Many thanks for the "heads up" Graham......I will keep that I mind and I am sure you are right come to think of it. I will keep this in mind when next I speak to them. I will let you know what they say! kindest regards ian
  5. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Hi all. I own a 1.7Cdri sport edition Tuscon since June this year. It sounds like I am having the same problem as some of you guys, with a clutch judder. I have also been in contact with the dealer and Hyundai and after explaining the problem and the comments on this forum I am now waiting for a reply from their customer support team, who have stated to me that they know of this problem....with that said I informed them that they (Hyundai) new of this fault and yet still sold me a vehicle of not being of merchantable quality not fit for purpose. It will be interesting what the outcome will be.
  6. Hello all. I am new to all this. I am very pleased to be part of this