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  1. Is anyone else having problems in this cold weather? The last few days I have the constant alert that 3 of my tyres have low pressure. I have tried putting a bit more air in - which fixed one of the tyres, but the two back ones are still flashing?? It makes sense with the cold weather, the pressure drops.... But how can I stop the error messages or recalibrate? i40 2016 model
  2. Apple Car Play

    Hey all, I eventually had my software upgraded this weekend, and now have Car Play installed. When playing music through Carplay or using the Phone - its very quiet - compared to the standard Hyundai system. Does anyone know how to increase the volume on just Carplay?
  3. Does anyone have an i40 Tourer Cargo Net that they are not using and looking to sell? I have a 2016 model and based in the UK
  4. Apple Car Play

    Thanks Guys. This is good news. But also really annoying, as I asked my local dealer to update my software last week - evidently they didnt! Is there anyway to update it myself, without relying on the dealer?
  5. Apple Car Play

    Hi Ian Can you tell me how you get to that Connectivity Settings page? I cant seem to find it... Thanks
  6. Apple Car Play

    I have a 2016 i40 Tourer, any news on whether this car will or does support Apple Car Play?
  7. Auto Hold

    I drive an Automatic i40, with Auto-Hold function. It seems bizarre that the auto-hold function is not on by default - and I have to turn it on for every trip?? Is there a way to turn it on permanently?
  8. Digital Speedo

    Hello, I have recently bought a 2016 Hyundai i40 Tourer - and cant find a way to enable a digital speedo? Im stuck with the analogue dials, which is OK - but prefer a digital speedo. When setting Cruise Control - it also does not tell you a speed, you have to set it based on the analogue dial - seems strange?? Does anyone know how i can enable a digital speedo on the drives info panel?