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  1. Rear brakes binding

    Replacing pads on these cars is simple, Very nice setup. EBP is not an issue and there is no need to use a Gscan tool. Rewind can be done using a 12v Surge proteted car battety charger. With the EPB connection unplugged simply reverse the polarity on the piston motor and push back the piston at the same time. Clean out all around the piston and replace seals, also check the slide pins, they are notorious for jamming on this car. Clean them, regrease them or replace them. Pop in new pads, apply EPB and release again, bleed the system. Jobs Done.
  2. Newbie

    Dont bother Pete, Tuscon is a ball of scrap metal waiting for a victim such as you to buy it. Brake and clutch failure is on its way, The EPB makes sure of that. I would Go Ford Kuga if you want one of these new age pussy jeeps, Or go back in time and buy an Cheroke or an Isuzu Trooper.
  3. As Im old school Bmw where brake trouble was as simple as taking her off the ground and manually cleaning/replacing & recalibrating the brake system. What the hell is going on with this car. Ok, electronic brakes.... Electronic wind back, Sticking calipers, (which a speed ramp is enough to trigger) One caliper randomly failing. This is not acceptable as the stopping safety of a vehicle, but yet its not covered on Hyundai warranty. Its mechanically, a great car, but unfortunately, not safe on stopping in emergency situations. I ran it through an NCT, National road safety test in Ireland. And horrifically, it passed on brake testing. Which leads me back to my theory of a random intermittent caliper fail. I stripped this caliper down, to find gritty/sticking caliper pistons and slide pins. At 70k this is not expected but ok, nothing is perfect. Replaced these parts along with new pads and discs and also reset the system, all good so far.. 4k later. Cant wait to sell it.