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  1. Tuscon hesitating

    Going to try new throttle body have also notice no3 injector damp around top will replace see if that cures hestiaion still no stored fault codes???????
  2. ECU location

    Hi all 2 questions why does my 2006 Hyundai Tucson have 2 diagnostic plugs 1 under bonnet and normal 16 pin under dash board 2 question where is the main engine ECU fitted in the car ???? Thanks for any help
  3. Tuscon hesitating

    Has anybody had to replace throttle body on diesel due to hesitation on steady throttle
  4. Tuscon hesitating

    No stored fault codes
  5. Tuscon hesitating

    I have a 2006 tuscon diesel have tried everything to cure had remapped it only happens when it gets warm have cleaned throttle body air mass meter don't know what to do next