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  1. Reversing camera issue

    Hey guys, I’m having an issue with my reverse camera. It started giving trouble a couple months back, picture started getting fuzzy, then a blue screen coming & going, until finally just stayed as a blue screen. I assumed it was the camera itself as when it rained the camera lense would have moisture inside it. But i changed the camera the other day & the blue screen is still was still there. The camera i replaced was 2nd hand & was working when it came out of the other crashed car which was a 2014. So im thinking it may be a broken wire. But before i go looking for this possible broken wire im wondering if anybody else may have had similar issues & if there might be something else i could try.
  2. Why are there so many posts about live nfl?

    I was actually going through the threads & had to scroll through i think 5 pages of this shit just to get to a hyundai related post. Are there no moderators on this forum?
  3. Why are there so many posts about the nfl & other crap? Is this forum not monitored by admins? I have never seen so much crap posted in a forum before & if it was the people would be blocked. like this crap, nothing to do with I40’s https://tvlivenflwatch.de/steelersvsbuccaneers/
  4. I40 ambient lighting

    I used fibre optic cable with an edge to hold it in place & 5mm blue LED’s. I attached the LED’s to the fibre optic cable with heat shrink sleeving.
  5. Buying front sensors

  6. Hi Alex would you still have the update by any chance?
  7. The amp is under the passenger seat. & the sub is in the boot on the right hand side.
  8. I40 ambient lighting

    I decided i was going to try retrofit the ambient lighting around the dash of my I40. I think it came out pretty good. What is everyone elses opinion? Has anybody else tried this? BTW Its blue light, even though the 2nd pic looks purple.
  9. Headlights

    I thought that myself but i seen videos on youtube & from what i have seen i think the cornering lights are just the low beams that move when you turn.
  10. Headlights

    Hey guys. Im in need of a little Hyundai expertise. So i bought myself a Hyundai I40 premium only last week. While washing it the other day, i noticed the headlights have 3 lights each. One low beam, one high beam & one that i have no idea what it is beam. I have no idea if it works & i have no idea how to put it on if it does work. Could somebody please help me out here as it is driving me crazy searching the web looking for answers. Thanks guys.