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  1. Right guys, I'm out of here - had enough of all this pure unadulterated fucking shite that has taken over this site.
  2. Why are there so many posts about live nfl?

    Does anyone actually know how to get in touch with whoever (mis) manages this site and is there any way of blocking these spamming cunts ?
  3. Why not just shut this site down ?

  4. i40 Front Sensors Beeping and Flashing?

    Faulty sensor(s) ...... very common issue
  5. Spam the spammers

    I can see the method in your madness, but would it not be more productive to actually spam the spammers ?
  6. Spam the spammers

    But you're not spamming the spammers, just spamming the group, which is compounding the matter :-(

    Who runs and manages this site and how do we get hold of them ?

    Just what the hell is going on ..... the entire site has been hacked and overrun by spammers
  9. Front parking sensors

    Removal of front bumper isn't that difficult and should normally take around 15/20 minutes
  10. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    I've recently upgraded my H7's to Philips Racing Vision ...... well impressed !
  11. I40 main beam bulbs

    Hi Big Ray I've got a 63 plate estate with the same config. Just upgraded the bog standard headlight bulbs to Philips Racing Vision (quite impressed). I'd be very interested too about any 9012 upgrade,
  12. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    I experience slight bouncing when at tick over for the first 4 or 5 miles from cold. After that, everything seems to be ok.
  13. 2012 I40 Isg Not Working!?!?

    Point of Interest......If you keep clutch depressed whiilst at lights, ISG is deactivated by default