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  1. I30 Rain sensor

    More info on this. The standard screen which I now have has a blackout at the top that covers the mirror only. It doesn't go down far enough to obscure the sensor from the outside like the proper screen. So I've ordered some black tint to cover it. I'm going to cut out a square in the tint to stick the sensor straight to the windscreen using a sticky pad. I've made a template already. I think this should work. I don't think the sensor has to see through the windscreen straight forward. From what I gather, the light comes out of the sides, bounces off the curved interior, and back to the sensor, coming off the screen first if it sees any water. The wipers then adjust according to the strength of the light returned. E.g, no light, no wiper motion (there was no rain on the screen to bounce the signal back). I'll keep you posted. Hope this helps anyone in the same situation. Please, by god, don't buy the proper screen. You'll get ripped off. It cost me £175 instead of £420. And Autoglass wanted to charge me £650. .
  2. I30 Rain sensor

    No, unfortunately not covered. Saved myself a fortune though on standard windscreen. It was worth it even if I never get my auto wipers to work again.
  3. I30 Rain sensor

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone knew about how the rain sensors work on a Hyundai I30. I've just had a new a new windscreen fitted and went for a standard one to bring the price down. This means that my rain sensor is now detached. Does anyone have any knowledge on what I have to do to attach it to the new standard screen to get it working again. I know that it just plugs into the 8 pin connector, but need to know exactly how to attach it to the windscreen. I think I have to use a clear, square sticky pad and need to cut out a square in the black covering at the top of the windscreen to allow the sensor to shine through. But I can't figure out how big to cut the square and am scared of making a pigs ear of it. It looks like I need to go wider than the square in the middle of the sensor because the light can't shine through that, surely. But if I do go wider, won't the surround of the sensor show from outside. I'm not even sure if I can scrape away the black film at all. Would very much appreciate any help?
  4. Scraping noise when I turn

    Sorted it. I went to have a tyre on and he told me it was a coil spring so it was booked in there and then.
  5. Scraping noise when I turn

    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and joined because I have a loud scraping noise from the left, front wheel when I turn at low speed. It is usually on a left turn but not always. It's fine in a straight line and happens mainly when I put a lot of lock on. The wheel doesn't seem to have any play in it and it is not happening when I brake. It kind of cracks and scrapes and sounds altogether non too healthy. There is no rumbling noise suggesting a worn bearing. I would say it sounds like metal on metal. Does anyone have any ideas what it could be? I'm going to take the wheel off at the weekend and have a look but thought I'd just try and get a heads up. Cheers for any help, Alan