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  1. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Just read this on HOCGB "Hello there, I am a Hyundai master technician at a dealership in Scotland ....... As far the BMS battery management system install the new battery and leave car with key out unlocked for 4-6 hours for battery sensor to reinitialise." Hope it helps.
  2. Reset/View service schedule on dash

    I've the facelift model (>04/15) and its in "User settings mode" in the section of my manual called 'Features of your Vehicle". Access to User settings on mine is on low right stalk on steering wheel - the display is between RPM an Speedo .... Good luck
  3. Reset/View service schedule on dash

    Section 4 Page 79 of the manual - as ( I think) answered you on FB group
  4. Apple Car Play

    The cars volume controls blast me out my seat when on max with Carplay!
  5. Apple Car Play

    Apparently it depends where you live. See here for further info: http://www.wohnort.org/dab/ireland.html
  6. Apple Car Play

    Sure no problem Finbarr
  7. Apple Car Play

    Got mine done a few weeks ago at Main Dealers but thanks for your continued efforts Finbarr - note that DAB Info is fixed with this update too!
  8. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Slightly newer? The 'S' v Style isn't clear.
  9. Probably the 'intelligent' alternator tech coming in ... best I can come up with!
  10. Apple Car Play

    Another brave lad has done the DIY upgrade himself on the FB group and confirmed it's working as per your blog. Thanks for joining FinBarr
  11. Paddles

    Presumably to help if you drive into a canal Otherwise I've no idea!
  12. Apple Car Play

    Sure - https://www.facebook.com/groups/997439430384786/ Its title is Hyundai i40 UK but lots of European nationals have joined.
  13. Apple Car Play

    Nice one Finbarr ! Passed this info to a multi national FaceBook i40 group as it might help someone in a similar position. Hoping that's okay? Cheers.
  14. Apple Car Play

    Finbarr - Well done if you've tested these files and its worked for you. I'll give it a miss though thanks - I get it done free under the warranty cover of Hyundai! Shame we can't copy the SD card somehow but I guess that's the point of Secure Digital with its locked content. Thanks for your efforts non the less and enjoy the added connectivity. Best regards.
  15. Sat Nav SD Cards

    Have tried many clone programs - all without success. If you find something that works plz give me the heads up