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  1. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Slightly newer? The 'S' v Style isn't clear.
  2. Probably the 'intelligent' alternator tech coming in ... best I can come up with!
  3. Apple Car Play

    Another brave lad has done the DIY upgrade himself on the FB group and confirmed it's working as per your blog. Thanks for joining FinBarr
  4. Paddles

    Presumably to help if you drive into a canal Otherwise I've no idea!
  5. Apple Car Play

    Sure - https://www.facebook.com/groups/997439430384786/ Its title is Hyundai i40 UK but lots of European nationals have joined.
  6. Apple Car Play

    Nice one Finbarr ! Passed this info to a multi national FaceBook i40 group as it might help someone in a similar position. Hoping that's okay? Cheers.
  7. Apple Car Play

    Finbarr - Well done if you've tested these files and its worked for you. I'll give it a miss though thanks - I get it done free under the warranty cover of Hyundai! Shame we can't copy the SD card somehow but I guess that's the point of Secure Digital with its locked content. Thanks for your efforts non the less and enjoy the added connectivity. Best regards.
  8. Sat Nav SD Cards

    Have tried many clone programs - all without success. If you find something that works plz give me the heads up
  9. Apple Car Play

    No chance m8 either IMO but good luck anyway. HYUNDAI Dealer.
  10. Apple Car Play

    #Finbarr - There is no /update folder anywhere on the SD card and I have viewed it with hidden/system files showing. I attach image showing root but I have explored every sub directory on the SD card. I'll also advise that the Apple Carplay is not installed from the Sat Nav software SD card as the only things on the card are Navigation related. As you are a software engineer it would be great if you could write software that could clone these cards successfully so a backup could be produced. Every attempt, with lots of cloning software, has failed for me every time - if memory serves me correctly they all produce an image or clone that is 1k larger than the SD card ..... or it might be smaller!
  11. Apple Car Play

    I'll take a look at the SD card tomorrow and see what the contents are for you - however it shouldn't be necessary for you to do this as the dealer should be able to obtain the updates for you. Later ..
  12. Apple Car Play

    The dealer is lying ... and you should say so imo.
  13. Apple Car Play

    That's not software for facelift i40's Finbarr - you need to get yours done at the dealers. Look up to my posts on August 16 and you'll see the carplay version number. That software is for older i40's with a different head unit - the files are dated 2014!
  14. Apple Car Play

    Try this BAW:- - Open the Music app and make sure the volume is at 100% - Call the voice mail while connected through bluetooth and press the volume up button several times. A bluetooth volume indicator appears on the screen - On Settings - Music: - Turn EQ to Off - Turn Volume Limit to Off - Disable "Sound check" (I think this one made the big difference after all) And that's it! Now the music plays a lot louder than before
  15. Apple Car Play

    Mostly certainly - ask for updated software.