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  1. Apple Car Play

    The dealer is lying ... and you should say so imo.
  2. Apple Car Play

    That's not software for facelift i40's Finbarr - you need to get yours done at the dealers. Look up to my posts on August 16 and you'll see the carplay version number. That software is for older i40's with a different head unit - the files are dated 2014!
  3. Apple Car Play

    Try this BAW:- - Open the Music app and make sure the volume is at 100% - Call the voice mail while connected through bluetooth and press the volume up button several times. A bluetooth volume indicator appears on the screen - On Settings - Music: - Turn EQ to Off - Turn Volume Limit to Off - Disable "Sound check" (I think this one made the big difference after all) And that's it! Now the music plays a lot louder than before
  4. Apple Car Play

    Mostly certainly - ask for updated software.
  5. Apple Car Play

    Don't think you can - using the volume controls on the steering wheel works fine and the music sounds great ...... so long as you remember to turn it down again ;-)
  6. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Occasionally neither ISG or the driver seat automatically moving to driving position when closing drivers door - work. Driving with heated rear window on sorts it 100% everytime as per the tips given here. Thanks!
  7. Apple Car Play

    Yep afraid you wont be getting Apple CarPlay - facelift models (mid 2015 ->) only.
  8. Apple Car Play

    Baw 100% no. Lucky Duck - They giving you BS so find another dealer. The software has been around for at least 6 weeks and probably longer! The second image I posted above is exactly the same as I now have on mine. Demand that and don't take prisoners ....
  9. Apple Car Play

    I can now confirm that my late August 2015 i40 Premium Tourer has had the software update today which includes Apple CarPlay so it appears any facelift model with SatNav will get it at dealers for free.
  10. Apple Car Play

    Settings and scroll down to Connectivity! If you don't see that you need your update ....
  11. Apple Car Play

    Just to clarify - my car is a late 08/2015 facelift Premium Tourer which I believe is the same unit as the above pics which are from an early 2016 i40 Sat Nav Business -updated with software in the last month. I already have Android Auto since March this year when I asked for a software update on an interim service. I'll find out on Monday next if my car will get the Apple CarPlay update on it's 2 year service. I'm 50/50 on the outcome as Hyundai UK are NOT clear!
  12. Apple Car Play

    No - well not from Hyundai as it the wrong head unit.
  13. Apple Car Play

    Here's some evidence
  14. Apple Car Play

    Yes it does - updated software will give you that and Android Auto if you haven't already got it.