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  1. Hello all, Im a newie and would just like too say hi, I love my i30 but really need too get my CD out and a new one in and get it back working again as im ready for a summer holiday and whats a holiday with no tunes...If you can help please goto my post, But first of all hi everybody.. From the CenCo.... Tashi30
  2. Central Coast NSW.
  3. Goodafternoon too anybody that can help,others that cant help well good afternoon too you also, My problem this lovely afternoon is,my husband was out fishing and I was left at home too my own advices,in which time I thought I would go too the shops.I had a new CD which I brought on line which I brought from a music retailer so im thinking its an ok cd.Well I put it in my player this morning and it never made a sound nor can I now eject it out of my CD player in my car,ive poked and prodded and stuck double sided tape in and nothing is happening,i would like this too b fixed before my husband comes home,all will be good if he comes home with fish but if he arrives home with NO FISH it could be another story. TIA Tashi30