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  1. Dashboard rattle

    Hi Mick It sounds like you have exactly the same problem as i have, i agree it seems worse in the cold weather, i assume that it gets worse when you put the heater on !, i have since had a call from the dealers General Manager informing me that they would probably be able to reduce the charge to about £100 ish, only to be told the following day that they could not do that as the original quote of £450 would not cover there costs of removing the dash, i have now to pop in and take him and his service manager out for a drive so they can hear this noise, even thought there mechanic has heard it....................... still frustrated and thinking about just leaving the whole episode and getting rid of the car. Many thanks for your feed back
  2. Dashboard rattle

    Hi jcorish, i have no idea, as this would have been the third visit for the same fault. The first visit i was told that they had replaced brackets that were broken, i presume within the dash board, only to be told last Friday that the dash board has never been removed ? the dealer says i may have dropped a pen behind the dash board (easy way out for them) so may have to pass the costs of removal to me ? I have E-mailed Hyundai on Saturday but no reply as yet.
  3. Iain Swanson

  4. Dashboard rattle

    I have a soon to be 4 year old i40, the car has been back to the dealer on 3 separate occasions to have this repaired, yesterday i was told that this may cost me £450 (up to 5 hours laborer) i have been told that this may be a common fault ? I have a list of other repairs that have been fixed under warranty the length of my arm Any feed back would be great