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  1. 2012 i40 crdi started blowing extremely hot air from the drivers' side outlets while the passenger side seems cold. Now I am not entirely sure if the refrigerant cycle is completely empty but turning on the A/C seems to cool down both sides a little. The driver's side however is so hot you don't want to close the vents (or the fan) because it almost feels like the driver side of the dashboard would start melting.. Is this how and empty refrigerant cycle would indicate of it's existence? I have never had a leak or service on the ref cycle done on my cars but this seems really strange to me. The controls, auto, dual, off temp down / up don't change much. There is nothing wrong with the car otherwise, no warnings or anything. The exhaust manifold and turbo are really close (in front) of the tubing going trough the firewall so I suppose it's simply an empty circuit being heated by the engine exhaust, right?
  2. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Had this problem in my i40 crdi after replacing original battery with Exide AGM. Worked fine right after but started showing symptoms some months later. What solved it in my car was a proper contact on the negative clamp. After cleaning, greasing and proper fasterning it has worked without a single problem for months. And it can be disabled at will.
  3. i40 start failure

    This turned out to be nothing more severe than a poorly fitted negative contact on the battery. By the owner.. Not the best clamp though.
  4. i40 start failure

    Bought a new battery (Exide AGM) to my 2012 1.7 crdi Estate in Feb. New to expect that the start and stop would start working again so that was nice. I have recently replaced batteries to both smart key units - they're fine, too. Now, the car welcomes me in but only shows the H-logo and then goes completely black. Pushing puttons (with the key and everything) and pedals with no effect. Opening the door and closing again turns on all the warning lights and allows to start. Car runs as it should and all systems work. Today I had the same scenario except that I couldn't get in at all. Off with the cap and in with the hard key. Open the bonnet and of goes the alarm. Kids, you need to step back. Quite upsetting. I was about to jump start as I suspected low battery (Exide) but tried once more and it starts. I read about problems with the received fitted around the start button. Something to do with the anti-theft? I have tried to press the pedals firmly in case the sensor was faulty but that wouldn't make sense as the lights on the dash should be on. I fear something expensive needs to be replaced. I have had the following replaced under warranty: antenna unit (have the mmd screen with sat.nav. it went completely black last year), rear suspension (campaign to get 5 parking sensors replaced under warranty, they will not call unless you call for warranty on something else..). I can charge the battery with 7-stage Ctek but I am not optimistic as the car is able to indicate "low battery".
  5. Hyundai I40 Sat Nav Gps Issue

    The GPS in my 2012 i40 also wants to take me sailing. This happens every two weeks but in the last month it's been more or less daily. That's the Gulf of Finland - I do own a sailing boat too but that's not what I am looking to do this time of year. Software has been update once before at the dealership. Just had another visit (3,5 hr slot) booked. I am also thinking it must be hardware and possible moisture somewhere as the radio don't seem to get a strong signal anywhere. First thing this happened it also started with the radio, then the GPS showing wrong position and finally (while my wife was at the wheel) a black screen and all the tough (hard buttons) disabled. Only thing that worked was the i-button that gives you the coordinates: position in German (language) but only about 20 km off from where the car was. My car has all the electrical goods with sun roof and everything but I am thinking about letting it go now when the factory warranty comes to end in 2 months. Have to get the acute problem sorted before that though.