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  1. Some sellers have pics within the advert of wear to place an egr blank. Just trying to familiarise myself with the anatomy as you say you blanked on the left hand side near the black plastic vacuumed controlled actuator for ?? But can't see the place . As you say the classic place would be to the right as you can see an egr feed pipe two bolt flange , albeit maybe best at bottom of tube at exhaust manifold end so the pipe doesn't unnecessarily fill with exhaust gasses . The egr valve itself looks to be electronically controlled rather than vacume actuator .
  2. I'm still confused about this , seller isn't communicating very well ( some people don't actually know their own product ). I ask for instructions of where to fit and he says they are in the Q & A's , they are not... they are in with the product , but which product do I get ? There is no less than 8 conbinations just in the full blank ( without hole ) easy fit range. 3mm mild steel NB + sealant 3mm stainless steel ND 3mm mild steel NB 3mm stainless steel ND + sealant 1.5mm mild steel NA + sealant 1.5mm stainless steel NC + sealant 1.5mm mild steel NA 1.5mm stainless steel NC narrowed down to 4 if you go Stainless steel , but which thickness , with sealant or without !? And what is this NA NB NC and ND all about ?? I can't understand without remapping the egr out that Westkent's eml hasn't come on if he's successfully blanked the egr as post 2003 euro 3 the ecu has software monitoring for the egr , insufficient flow etc when impeded or a fault . If the car is remapped with egr out( planned for next month ) does it have to have a blank at all as the egr non operating is in a closed position thus blocking any exhaust gasses from being recirculated and the egr actuator vac line disconnected and plugged for good measure ??
  3. Thinking initially there was a stone chip on the sleek silver revealing a black primer , it appears to be a scuff of the footwear attributed to a wide sill to exit . Anyone else think so ?
  4. Ooo yeah , in need some Tipex , you Sir are a scuffler and in need of some fetching driving slippers
  5. Fair enough , buying local really pays dividends when it comes to car cock ups , and these modern cars are destin..
  6. That's awkward , no i40 Tourers in Manchester you could of bought ?
  7. Would you dare to post a pic , lol ?
  8. Cool , under the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 you have 6 months warranty . After that get a warranty , because...
  9. Ouch , how long ago was the 2nd hand dealer ? These i40's out of warranty are a potential money pit , I suggest an outside warranty .
  10. Yeah obviously not the case on a non vision pack 62 plate ! Which gets lovely halogen bulbs with further Horlick's halogen cornering bulbs .
  11. Welcome to the i40 forum ! Private or dealer purchase ? Still has warranty remaining ?
  12. "Due to the engine issue that increases the risk of a crash, according to safety regulators in those respective countries." "South Korea's transport ministry said on Friday metal debris in crankshafts could cause engine damage, leading to possible loss of motive power." This isn't a i40 problem and only a 2.0 and 2.4L petrol engine issue . They should be recalling the junk 1.7 crdi for the porous cylinder liners !
  13. Excellent !
  14. Hi and welcome , hope it's still got warranty ? This is now officially the Hyundai i40 Forum !
  15. Bound to be some dependent on driving style and weekly mileage . Inevitable that soot combined with normal crankcase oil vapour = horrible gunk .
  16. There must be some 'give' to fit a 3mm as normally an exhaust manifold to egr , egr solid feed pipe is all metal to metal butted up with a few thin gaskets. 3mm usually reserved for egr feed pipe delete , or full egr delete , but this is my VW knowledge.. If you have the room , 3mm absolutely , 1.5mm would probably last decades though .
  17. http://m.ebay.co.uk/sch/i.html?_nkw=Hyundai+i40+cw+egr+blanking+&isNewKw=1&isRefine=true&mfs=GOCLK&acimp=0&_trksid=p2056088.m2428.l1313.TR0.TRC0.Xhyundai+i40+cw+egr+blanking&sqp=hyundai+i40+cw+egr+blanking The seller of the blank , RTG Automotive has quite a bewildering variety of blanks , mild steel , stainless steel , 1.5mm , 3mm , with hole , without hole , easy fit slip in , non slip in , and with sealant . I understand the specs but which one ? Westkent's is a without hole , 3mm thick , easy fit slip in , without sealant and stainless steel . http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/152126137284?_mwBanner=1 I have some experience with egr blanking but on simpler systems without coolers . Generally speaking ; Holed blanks allows some egr gasses to pass thus preventing an eml , not ideal as a full blank is best. 1.5mm is generally a slip in blank keeping the original set up for a stealth look . 3mm is usually for complete egr pipe deletes .
  18. Received..
  19. PM sent .
  20. Ok mate , have you WhatsApp ? I'm dying to improve / get rid of the initial flat turbo spool and high gear slow speed kangaroo caused primarily from the egr robbing the turbo of exhaust gasses .
  21. Cool thanks , still not clear when you don't know properly...
  22. Very interesting , have you a diagram ? And what blank , link ?
  23. What about an engine management light illuminating because the egr isn't working properly ? Stage 1 remap with egr software removed ? Bet it picks up better because ALL the exhaust gasses are now spooling the turbo .
  24. Lucky you've still got warranty. I can see alot of these Kia and Hyundai 1.7 crdi engines financially writing off the vehicle out of warranty . What poo poo they are....
  25. The Ring Xenon 130 are whiter than standard but not as white as the Ultra 5000K (bit of marketing less than 5000K to achieve E mark , probably 4300K ) At a realistic 3700K the Ring Xenon 130 marketing is totally false , shouldn't be allowed . So they've been put in as high beam . Can't comment on performance as it's primarily a Kelvin fix .