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  1. Anyone upgraded exclusively to LED with a set ? Finding the halogen boot light a particular challenge , I can't understand as the only LED are the rear passenger side roof lights . Why not all !!
  2. My old Osram Night Breaker Plus ( dipped and main ) preceding Unlimited and Laser have been in my VW for years . They have two sections of very pale blue glass but are yellow in light output , probably have gradually got worse as they were a genuine improvement from standard .
  3. Soon to upgrade the abysmal colour temperature difference . Standard bulb is probably around 3000K - 3200K , going to put in some E marked Ultra 5000K and will report back. Doubt many have gone HID or LED kits with ballasts , what have you tried ?
  4. I can't see them really being 5000K as to gain an 'E' mark they must be below around 4300K 4400K as above might be considered as emergency services. So 5000K is a bit of 'marketing' . Also they're not perceived as a true performance bulb as many reviews suggest unlike Osram Night Breaker and Philips Xtreme Vision so bit of an experiment as going to also try..
  5. Great result .
  6. I use expanding foam to cure noises .
  7. Yes , all 4 bushes replaced under warranty , not seen despite a service , pdi , AA inspection and mot a few months before ??
  8. I40

    Chain .
  9. It's more the dpf that makes the mid and top end performance figures . I recon 170 bhp would be the accurate figure and maybe 180 bhp with egr and dpf out . What diameter is the exhaust pipework ? Anything is possible with enough wonga. 250 bhp your looking at larger hybrid turbo Fmic Performance clutch Injectors Exhaust .
  10. Celtic Tuning like Awesome GTI give higher than average figures. Because their mapping is better , wrong. Now a 134 bhp i40 is pumping out according to their dyno 151 bhp ! I'm not saying every car has to be bang on spec but if you go through almost every car is on the inflated side . Now if the base std reading is high and inaccurate the result is going to be aswell now 178 bhp isn't particularly high and you could of guessed if 170 bhp is the norm then their final result could of been 187 because of the base over read . So you can see why I think your 186 is fictional and it won't read that on a heartbreaker Dyno Dynamics. What is badly wrong is the original and difference figures as they state it improved by 44 bhp , from 134 bhp , well it didn't because it read 151 bhp so the difference is only and a quite poor 27 bhp .
  11. Can you spot what is wrong with this ? https://www.celtictuning.co.uk/services/performance-stats/hyundai/i40-2011/diesel/1-7-crdi-134-bhp-2011-2014-ECU-remap-chiptuning/stage-1#t3-content
  12. Dyno print out ? Before and after ?
  13. 186 ? Quantum Tuning quote 170 bhp .
  14. It will throw an EML so needs remapping , good opportunity to go Stage 1 .
  15. Is it still under warranty ? It's a question of how deep their diagnostics are and what they look for whilst for a service . Look deep enough and the fuelling and boost parameters will be exceeded anyway .
  16. I would of at least got the egr out of the software as getting an engine to rebreathe it's own sooty exhaust gasses is just wrong . Robs turbo of an earlier spool . The soot combines with crankcase oil vapour to gunk up the inlet manifold and egr valve blocking the egr valve and the gunk acts as a grinding paste rendering the internals inoperable . The soot also makes the dpf work harder costing fuel and abrasive soot enters the engine oil turning it black soon after a change , egr off / blanked as required engine oil stays cleaner for longer . Egr is good for reducing NOx but not good full oxygenated combustion . My '96 petrol turbo will still pass an emissions test with egr disabled .
  17. Woo , woo ! Did you keep the egr and dpf ? Who's map ?
  18. Roof rails issue common as muck and replaced under warranty . You can go elsewhere but the oil and filters have to be stealer perfect otherwise they'll pick holes in the event of a claim . The way to do it is get Hyundai to price match .
  19. Sure needs it , mega flat spot low down. Egr off and gut dpf for best results .
  20. Claim # ? Noticed this morning the roof rails are lifting . These cars are a joke
  21. Common as... Warranty .
  22. The mind boggles , the iQ40 is the cartoon Mystery Machine , more complex and more high maintenance than the Tardis...
  23. "Would I buy this car again? Never in a million years." This man has an IQ greater than 40 !
  24. How much ?
  25. Your dpf isn't going to agree with that box of frogs.