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  1. Oil overfill problem

    Fantastic info numbers . Glad to hear you're doing interim 10k services . So the fix is a updated official Hyundai map to cure the multiple regens , and Hyundai themselves haven't worked out the issue yet as I've not heard of them performing this ? The price is on the high side as Stage 1 , egr and dpf delete here was less than £450 . Quieter , smoother , more powerful and a real 6 mpg gain .
  2. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    They still come up short as they don't independently control injector duration etc . The more expensive boxes still fool the fuel rail pressure sensor with a resistor so the reported pressure is down so the ecu is fooled into raising it , this also fools the torque and smoke limiters in the ecu stock map . More work for the high pressure injection pump and injectors holding back greater forces . Either box is a fuel fooler , mpg falsifier and bypasses special factors within the stock map , each will cause fuel mixture enrichment which isn't good for a dpf , yes sure it's met with more air via the boost sensor as diesels aren't fussy about air to fuel ratios , more diesel more power = more smoke , but the whole thing isn't as refined as a remap .
  3. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Celtic Tuning are naughty people and all the tuning boxes give a false fuel temperature reading thus fool the ecu to increase pressure in the fuel rail . Dervs are simple , increase fuel , increase power . Because the ecu is fooled it doesn't account for the extra fuel used often showing up a fuel saving , you can't have it both ways , significant power increases + decent mpg gain .
  4. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Iirc bench flashed , so out . Most frustrating was something within the abs was cutting back the power on a 2wd set up dyno , needs a linked bed with 4 wheels turning to get a proper result .
  5. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Cheers Ian , no Tucson here , I'm just commenting .
  6. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Small engine , biggish turbo taking time to spool . Std mapping on any derv can be improved .
  7. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Hyundai are quite a minority for remapping anyway . Are you keeping dpf and egr ?
  8. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    I doubt you'll get an answer here , you need to email the likes of Evolution Chips , Celtic Tuning , Quantum Tuning etc .
  9. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    It's a 5 year warranty mate , they take 5 years to get back to you !
  10. Oil overfill problem

    Hope it's just an over fill and not diesel .
  11. Folding door mirrors

    Sounds tight ! What's the internal dimensions of your garage , would the considered i40 be tourer or saloon ?
  12. Coolant conundrum

    Went for Comma G48 , not the luminous green of what's in there but a correct spec darker greeny blue .
  13. Coolant conundrum

    Yes talkhyundai.com is back on again , wtf is going on ? Car had new engine less than two years ago by Hyundai due to the known porous cylinder liners issue , coolant has dropped slightly nearing the lower mark so a top up required and some to hand . Correct spec red was purchased without lifting bonnet but the coolant is as green as Shrek and green + red = ..... Issue is Hyundai only sell blue !!! In this idiot modern world there are infinite oil manufacturer specs , coolant manufacturer specs and colours whereas there only ever needs to be one main universal oil and coolant & colour !
  14. Coolant conundrum

    Like for like yeah but green + red = .....
  15. Coolant conundrum

    Linky , is it green ? Glad you're getting on with the new car .
  16. Choosing between 2 i40s

    Look at a 'Premium'.....
  17. Change alu wheels under guarantee.

    Doubt it , looks like a stone chip then alloy corrosion , probably aggravated by brake dust too , as with any stone chip bodywork or wheel it requires touching in soon . At minimum the whole wheel needs doing by a mobile smart repairer .
  18. Car stolen

    The interval not the oil . For sure the oil is higher quality as it will sometimes contain higher group oil basestocks and definitely more detergents and dispersants in the additive package to deal with soot etc . VAG is making a U- turn with the LongLife interval . Use a LongLife 5W30 C3 or C3/C2 for normal intervals and you're on to a winner .
  19. Car stolen

    Good stuff but did Hyundai use a LongLife oil for the 20K changes ? Bad idea anyway and even VAG are rethinking .
  20. Car stolen

    What actual engine oil ( brand etc ) did Hyundai use ?
  21. Car stolen

    What engine oil did you use ?
  22. Car stolen

    Many positives.. Did the i40 really have 2 year / 20k service intervals ?
  23. Coolant Loss - Leads To New Engine Required!

    You have good grounds for the Consumer Rights Act of 2015 , if proven you've previously been totally given the teflon shoulder .
  24. Coolant Loss - Leads To New Engine Required!

    Ouch , did you receive any paperwork , record dates etc ? Needs another / better dealer to test but they might want some dollars .
  25. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Which really means they'll drive it about a bit to get cream cakes from the shops and then say they didn't notice anything.