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  1. Key fob on 2013 model

    Not heard of any on here , more likely to have car battery failure than remote key. However with the spate and ease of keyless entry vehicle thefts where a tea leaf puts a signal amplifier near your home everyone needs these .
  2. 225 45 is a fairly narrow tyre for an 8" wide alloy where it can easily accept 235 or 245 and provide a little more rim protection . One issue is on lock there doesn't seem to be much room between tyre and inboard rear part of wheel arch . Anyone gone different ? The other problem is tyre sizes in both width and profile can vary between makes which doesn't help and also renders online wheel and tyre calculators almost useless .
  3. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    It's not that different to a dealer aftermarket warranty which also is a smoke screen to prevent you from using the weapon of mass dealer destruction The Consumer Rights Act of 2015 .
  4. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Why is Hyundai battery warranty only 2 years whereas aftermarket are sold with 3 - 5 or even Lifetime if you go Yuasa Black . Who is the Hyundai battery oem ?
  5. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Halfrauds are a liability their battery info is wrong , even since 10 years ago when a friend got one for a 2.0 Hyundai coupe , their info said the previous model was one and the same . This year a Nissan 005 , when it was a 007R . A just a few days ago on a Ford a 100 when it was a 110 , fortunately I measured and it was definitely the bigger battery but they still maintained it was a 100 . Retards .
  6. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Can you disable stop start ?
  7. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Not very beefy these Korean mobile phone batteries considering they're a 1.7 derv . A family member had a battery replaced on a 1.8 derv today and it was the same as my 1.9 , a 110 , 800CCA , 85Ah .
  8. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    For the 1.9 VW I paid £72 2 years ago at a motor factors for a Yuasa 5 year 85Ah , 800 CCA beast . Whilst not failed the original 12 year old oem Varta battery made the starter turn slower . You won't get 10 years service now .
  9. 18" Premium alternative tyre size

    Can confirm 245 40 on the rear has been working well , fronts also purchased and will be fitted sometime next year . Provides a bit more meat at the bottom of the tyre to protect from the magnetic effect of kerbs .
  10. Terry

    What's their IQ ?
  11. Terry

    Is that really a service interval ? If so what oil would be needed for that ?
  12. Terry

    Cool , report back . Will oil drained be from the max dip stick level ?
  13. Terry

    Damn the handbook is saying 5.3L , 4L extraction isn't looking too good Westkent .
  14. Terry

    This blokes an overfiller 5.5L man , lol . https://youtu.be/7ZO-QDQR_JQ Just as a first time for my own personal experience I'll use the sump plug method courtousy of the ingenious removable service panel , taking note what I find the quantity is that goes back in . 5.5L in a sub 2.0L engine isn't impossible as a Ford 1.8 tdci engine I service takes 5.4L , for some strange reason the oil extractor tube didn't go down properly a few months ago despite being successful two previous times before so I had to resort to the sump plug , no biggie as the undertray is a breeze and I have to be under there anyway to remove the spin on oil filter . I'd be annoyed if this were the case with my VW as the undertray is a broken cable tied nightmare that also partially fits around the wheel arch , everything is done from the top , oil filter insert , no jacking , no undertray removal , no sump plug . 100% all the oil comes out using the extractor on the VW as around 500ml can additionally be sucked out of the oil cooler as the tube drops down into it from the oil filter housing . The conclusion being measured that the oil takes ages to darken again , if the oil cooler oil were not removed and or any other remaining the fresh oil would blacken straight away .
  15. I40 coolant loss

    Hope it's something simple like a leak in the coolant system and not the dreaded porous cylinder liners issue requiring a new engine . Is the car in warranty ?
  16. Terry

    Milk carton container etc . Enjoy .
  17. Terry

    Insert the smaller 5.8mm diameter tube , only an empty container if quantity is 4L which usually isn't the best value compared to 5L .
  18. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Judder or vibration when cold ?
  19. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    It's any manufacturers MO at first the denial tactic , despite even recalls in different countries .
  20. What engine oil ?

    Loads of choice concerning this spec oil and cheaper , whether approved or not , a spec is a spec and quality should be the same . Equivalent to the dual C3 & C2 of Mobil 1 ESP Formula https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Granville-Hypalube-EVO-Fully-Synthetic-5W-30-Engine-Oil-Additive-Low-SAPS-5-Ltr/122784580291?epid=0&hash=item1c968802c3:g:58EAAOSwVlVZ-HXT Quantum is VW owned and approved and now made by Fuchs ( was Castrol ) https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quantum-Longlife-5W-30-Fully-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5-Litre-Bottle/222691140295?epid=1705379933&hash=item33d96d22c7:g:dbIAAOSwRZBZyjGh
  21. What engine oil ?

    Are people using in their 1.7 crdi ?
  22. Millers without a doubt is top draw as they produce CFS Nanodrive NT+ , a very good ester racing oil . I'm confused as to why they've got two identical spec oils ? However the same high quality VW 504.00 507.00 can be had for less . https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Quantum-Longlife-5W-30-Fully-Synthetic-Engine-Oil-5-Litre-Bottle/222691140295?epid=1705379933&hash=item33d96d22c7:g:dbIAAOSwRZBZyjGh https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Granville-Hypalube-EVO-Fully-Synthetic-5W-30-Engine-Oil-Additive-Low-SAPS-5-Ltr/122784580291?epid=0&hash=item1c968802c3:g:58EAAOSwVlVZ-HXT
  23. Depends what Castrol , GTX and Magnatec are a joke , the right 5W30 Edge is best but I'm not a fan of their 4L marketing , always cheaper 5L when you look . As for quality , a spec is spec whether manufacturer approved or not .
  24. No flush , it can dislodge any built up crap that can block the finer oil galleries. Technically you shouldn't need it as modern C3 oils especially those designed for long interval drains will have high dose of detergents . Filters , much and muchness but Mann is VAG OEM .