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  1. Not 100% sure but it's looking like a dpf regeneration issue where a fault / sensor keeps requesting multiple regenerations , extra fuel is used to heat the dpf and the diesel used to do this gets past the piston rings into the crankcase oil . Only one way to sort permanently , goodbye egr and dpf , hello Stage 1 .
  2. Kia Optima ?
  3. What do you think of Ferrari's ?
  4. Same with tyre sizes , default setting is as slim as possible for economics of build cost and emission / mpg figures . Come on 225 45 18 ( odd size tyre ) on an 8J , it's a big car ! 225 can be fitted to a 7J , got some 245 40 on now .
  5. Oddly the recommended tyre pressure is the same 35 psi regardless of loading . Estates I'm familiar with have an up to 9psi on rear increase for fully loaded and quite right too , a dynamic has drastically increased and so must another... The i40 doesn't have air ride , self levelling , uprated springs or magnetic dampers so how can it spec the same tyre pressure ?
  6. OK you all give up ! Q. for Abzy and his Quantum Tuning remap when they dynoed your i40 did they have all 4 wheels turning or just front ?
  7. Good shout , I've got them around 40psi now , absolutely fine and makes sense , manufactures don't always have the best answer !
  8. Wing 'em over old fruit I'll sort them .
  9. Could be one of three things I guess . 1. Leaking injector seal . 2. Dpf wants to too frequently regenerate due to conditions / a faulty sensor and this diesel used for regeneration gets into the oil . 3. Leaking high pressure fuel pump seal in engine .
  10. This chap got his engine replaced , identical issue , oil analysis , and could be a high pressure fuel pump engine seal . Must find out the root cause Gareth for everyone's benefit . You must feel absolutely savage .
  11. You have a dpf ?
  12. Reject it !
  13. Blue Drive , bhp ?
  14. True , I think there is a 6 year car consumer rule that if something was prone to common fail it was deemed made faulty thus within 6 years if fail should be replaced FOC . Like the time an under 6 year 58k Fiat's timing chain failed despite being a cars lifetime component and neither featured on any of it's pre-paid servicing schedule .
  15. Well there it is folks , it's a side arangement . So wether the side oil cooler drains into the vertical oil filter housing remains to be seen next summer when we service it for a fraction of the price .
  16. Modern diesels do especially if they have an inaccessible oil cooler that could contain 500 ml of used black oil containing diesel . Egr with it's extra soot production concequense . On my VW I have the pleasure of a disabled egr and the accessible oil cooler directly below the oil filter housing , sucked out with an oil extractor and 6 month oil changes the fresh oil stays remarkebly clean for months .
  17. That's understandable , the wrong type of rain !
  18. Not had any go and I don't either as warranty runs out this summer . Am I correct in saying this problem exists more with jet washing ?
  19. Both need to feel the heat . Motoring press , anyone... Even 'The Sun' do a consumer section and a freephone for advice . It's disgusting , that engine and turbo are badly worn . And their ignorance and don't fix it till it's broke attitude stinks .
  20. All this could of been avoided if Hyundiabolical used a 5th injector upstream of the dpf like Peugeot and Toyota , no need for the diesel to go anywhere near the cylinders then .
  21. WTF...
  22. http://www.tuneruniversity.com/blog/2012/05/dont-block-or-remove-the-egr-valve-its-saving-you-money/ Yeah , right....!
  23. Common issue amongst most brands as the throttle body can contain fragile plastic cogs .