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  1. Roof rails issue common as muck and replaced under warranty . You can go elsewhere but the oil and filters have to be stealer perfect otherwise they'll pick holes in the event of a claim . The way to do it is get Hyundai to price match .
  2. Sure needs it , mega flat spot low down. Egr off and gut dpf for best results .
  3. Claim # ? Noticed this morning the roof rails are lifting . These cars are a joke
  4. Common as... Warranty .
  5. The mind boggles , the iQ40 is the cartoon Mystery Machine , more complex and more high maintenance than the Tardis...
  6. "Would I buy this car again? Never in a million years." This man has an IQ greater than 40 !
  7. How much ?
  8. Your dpf isn't going to agree with that box of frogs.
  9. I prefer the old individual Hyundai style now it's morphed into a BMW 1 series with a Audi A3 front.
  10. That's stealer's for you , if in doubt , blame India , lol .
  11. If folks could use this Hyundai VIN decoder to ascertain the origin of their original engine with coolant loss due to porous cylinder liners . http://www.vindecoderz.com/EN/Hyundai Rumour was India or alike , but the decoder says differently ! Enter below relevant info so a greater understanding can be achieved . Gazwould , 45K 18.1.12 built , 62 plate Engine factory 084 Ulsan , Korea .
  12. Well I've just done the decoder ( coolant loss with no overheating and short engine replacement ) and the 18.1.12 built car ( 62 plate ) also has the engine factory as 084 Ulsan ( Korea ). So is this dispelling the myth of an Indian factory being responsible ?
  13. Welcome Gazzar !
  14. Privacy glass and metallic red , it looks well Mark . The lifting roof rails is a common fault .
  15. Pass . The dealer ( town ) did say he'd done 4 before .