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  1. Oil overfill problem

    Fantastic info numbers . Glad to hear you're doing interim 10k services . So the fix is a updated official Hyundai map to cure the multiple regens , and Hyundai themselves haven't worked out the issue yet as I've not heard of them performing this ? The price is on the high side as Stage 1 , egr and dpf delete here was less than £450 . Quieter , smoother , more powerful and a real 6 mpg gain .
  2. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    They still come up short as they don't independently control injector duration etc . The more expensive boxes still fool the fuel rail pressure sensor with a resistor so the reported pressure is down so the ecu is fooled into raising it , this also fools the torque and smoke limiters in the ecu stock map . More work for the high pressure injection pump and injectors holding back greater forces . Either box is a fuel fooler , mpg falsifier and bypasses special factors within the stock map , each will cause fuel mixture enrichment which isn't good for a dpf , yes sure it's met with more air via the boost sensor as diesels aren't fussy about air to fuel ratios , more diesel more power = more smoke , but the whole thing isn't as refined as a remap .
  3. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Celtic Tuning are naughty people and all the tuning boxes give a false fuel temperature reading thus fool the ecu to increase pressure in the fuel rail . Dervs are simple , increase fuel , increase power . Because the ecu is fooled it doesn't account for the extra fuel used often showing up a fuel saving , you can't have it both ways , significant power increases + decent mpg gain .
  4. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Iirc bench flashed , so out . Most frustrating was something within the abs was cutting back the power on a 2wd set up dyno , needs a linked bed with 4 wheels turning to get a proper result .
  5. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    Cheers Ian , no Tucson here , I'm just commenting .
  6. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Small engine , biggish turbo taking time to spool . Std mapping on any derv can be improved .
  7. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    Hyundai are quite a minority for remapping anyway . Are you keeping dpf and egr ?
  8. I40 Remap with Dct gearbox

    I doubt you'll get an answer here , you need to email the likes of Evolution Chips , Celtic Tuning , Quantum Tuning etc .
  9. 1.7 CRDi Clutch Judder

    It's a 5 year warranty mate , they take 5 years to get back to you !
  10. Oil overfill problem

    Hope it's just an over fill and not diesel .
  11. Folding door mirrors

    Sounds tight ! What's the internal dimensions of your garage , would the considered i40 be tourer or saloon ?
  12. Coolant conundrum

    Went for Comma G48 , not the luminous green of what's in there but a correct spec darker greeny blue .
  13. Coolant conundrum

    Like for like yeah but green + red = .....
  14. Coolant conundrum

    Linky , is it green ? Glad you're getting on with the new car .
  15. Coolant conundrum

    Yes talkhyundai.com is back on again , wtf is going on ? Car had new engine less than two years ago by Hyundai due to the known porous cylinder liners issue , coolant has dropped slightly nearing the lower mark so a top up required and some to hand . Correct spec red was purchased without lifting bonnet but the coolant is as green as Shrek and green + red = ..... Issue is Hyundai only sell blue !!! In this idiot modern world there are infinite oil manufacturer specs , coolant manufacturer specs and colours whereas there only ever needs to be one main universal oil and coolant & colour !