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  1. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    What battery code type is it , ie , 096 , 110 etc .
  2. Child seats

    Get a vasectomy .
  3. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/hyundai/i30-n/first-drives/hyundai-i30n-2018-review https://www.topgear.com/car-reviews/hyundai/i30/20t-gdi-n-5dr/first-drive
  4. Clutch on the way out?

    Strangely the size of clutch is dependent on the horsepower model , 136 gets a 240mm whilst 115 receives 236mm , bonkers really .
  5. i40 headlight change to Xenons

    I think most of it is good alignment on the max height allowed to see up the road , it doesn't matter how bright the bulbs are if they're pointing down you aren't going to see Jack... Abzy did fit HID but didn't follow up with any product links or pics . H7 LED are probably the way forward but there are so many out there I wouldn't know where to begin . Both the above HID and LED are technically illegal to fit in place of halogen but often pass MOT anyway if not too blue . Consider an 'E' marked performance halogen with a high pressure Xenon gas fill such as Ring Xenon 130%. They will always be yellow @ 3700K , father is using some E13 marked 5000K , probably the whitest E marked H7's . I wish people would use a lower suitable viscosity oil to cure these poor cold gear changes .
  6. Am I the only person who has one?

    Reborn as the Genesis G70 ! http://jalopnik.com/2018-genesis-g70-heres-how-south-korea-fights-the-germ-1813389001 https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.topgear.com/car-news/first-look/genesis-g70-koreas-3-series-fighter%3famp
  7. I30 Rain sensor

    Not an insurance claim ?
  8. Passenger door handle come off!

    They broke it , they fix it ?
  9. Rev counter bouncin when idleing

    I'd say it's a warranty issue alright . Get it logged with the dealer as soon as possible (although they might be in denial so close to warranty end ) and take a video of the issue .
  10. 2018 another i40 facelift

    http://www.caradvice.com.au/574746/2018-hyundai-i40-tourer-spied/#disqus_thread Not sure if it's going to be for the better as ex Audi German designer Peter Schreyer ruined the i30 by turning it into an Audi / BMW Eurobox . At least it's a facelift rather than a full next model replacement . Much prefer the original i40 and old i30 bold Hyundai 'fluidic sculpture' .
  11. Start stop (ISG) and AGM brattery

    Wow 4 batteries , Hyundai OE rubbish ?
  12. Front brake discs

    I believe Premium have larger discs than Style etc .
  13. Suspension, wheels,

    I would remap Stage 1 egr and dpf out and get it 150+ bhp . 16" is ridiculous on this size of car , ubber rare i40 18" Premium wheels with 245 40 18 ( not std ) size is good , or another appropriate 18" Hyundai / Kia wheel with the right offset range . 19" would look great but you're going to expensive tyre territory with an unforgiving slim profile and adding vehicle dynamics sapping additional unsprung weight . There is no better lowered springs than Eibach , usually lower by a nominal 30mm . They keep or even improve the OE ride quality whilst tightening up the handling .
  14. EGR valve

    The RGT i40 blanks have disappeared from eBay . I wonder if i30 1.6 crdi blanks would fit ?
  15. Lower front under brace

    None , just cost , both my Fast and Furious and VW daily have upper and lower bracing . The white is a bit "ginger kid in a playground " , nothing some black stone chip paint wouldn't sort .