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  1. Not good

    On top of that gut dpf , remap to Stage 1 with egr written out and gain an additional 6 mpg .
  2. Coolant Loss

    Better than the alternative...
  3. Help

    Stop start is a bad thing so good . Remapping is excellent , for best results dpf and egr delete .
  4. Temperature gauge

    Sounds an interesting vehicle , can you break it down , tax , costs , pro, con , what you like , etc.
  5. Temperature gauge

    Cheers , how are you keeping buddy ? Shame about the forum being 99% streaming spam
  6. i40 Front Sensors Beeping and Flashing?

    Common issue .
  7. Power loss

    How long was the fuel filter not serviced for ?
  8. Temperature gauge

    The old boys 1.7 crdi only seems to get to 80 and not the 12 o'clock 90°C position . Normal or new thermostat required ?
  9. Car dealer licence , lol . The only licences you need is a driving and Credit Consumer if doing finance .
  10. That is the case .
  11. It's not for the tuned ear , rear even worse as it lacks components , even a 15 year old car has rear components ! Any ice can be improved on , better speakers , panel damping etc .
  12. Spam the spammers

    What admin ? It's a spammers paradise . Close the site....
  13. Spam the spammers

    Try it yourself !
  14. paxfulls is a pathetic spammer

    Absolutely pathetic..
  15. Spam the spammers

    Your opinion , I'm highlighting the issue and knocking their non Hyundai posts down the order . Unfortunately this forum is a spammers paradise as there is no moderators cleaning up this poo , no contact and nothing from reporting posts , absolutely shocking , some forums have up to five moderators dealing with issues within the hour . However I'll stop today , I've wasted a considerable amount of my time without back up , but guess what will happen... The site may as well be closed !