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  1. 75mph best mpg sounds to high to me hense high mpg figures are quoted at 56mph .
  2. Characteristic , driver error or fault ?

    Whilst the remap has improved the low rpm it's not a cure as it's part my father's driving and part the hardware of the car. Some cars have amazing flexibility low down torque , the 1.7 i40 doesn't . It's a small engine larger turbo arrangement probably to chase favourable CO2 emissions . 1.7 136 and a VAG 2.0 140 , the larger turbo in the Hyundai allows for near 2.0 peak figures at the expense of slower spool of the larger turbo . A larger engine smaller turbo is the sweeter drive and this car should of had a 2.0 or twin turbo . Triple turbo's will be seen in the near future .
  3. You have done well to get those figures.
  4. Rear brakes binding

    VAG has had loads with the rear EPB calipers stuck on , the motors were in plastic casings but due to a calipers position being subjected to heat , cold , water and muck the casings cracked and allowed the water and muck into the motors .
  5. Excessive front tyre wear

    Other way around mate as your earlier post , winter soft compound , summer is harder .
  6. Excessive front tyre wear

    Well be have this old treadwear number on the sidewall , I had some Dunlop Sport Maxx TT and the treadwear number was a low 280 and they wore quickly accordingly .
  7. Excessive front tyre wear

    Vehicle manufacturers don't always have the best answers , that's why their standard mapping , suspension set ups , etc are easily eclipsed by aftermarket . I've always gone above the recommended pressures and have yet to experience over inflation middle wear whilst experiencing better handling and mpg .
  8. Excessive front tyre wear

    Middle wear is over inflation . Outer and inner is under inflation , get pumping...
  9. Excessive front tyre wear

    Well the old boys 62 plate Premium Tourer 18" are very even wear , 4.5 / 5mm left . I would up the tyre pressures to 40 psi as the outsides get heavily leaned on . Continental are not good for wear usually , what model tyre is it ?
  10. Excessive front tyre wear

    Spirited driving , lol .
  11. i20 1.1 diesel new CPU chip.

    Remap .
  12. Pollen filter

    Definitely a learner postman , lol .
  13. Pollen filter

  14. Pollen filter

    Indeed an easy job , took him 3 mins and very worthwhile as the oem was crushed both ends , reason unknown and will observe the new in a few weeks time .