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  1. Facelift Anyone?

    I wonder if it is accessible via the menu system in the driver info display? Would be a bit odd if it was as you want to be able to adjust it on the fly and not have to concentrate on menu navigation whilst driving, but given the phone system who knows??
  2. Facelift Anyone?

    On the i30 and Cee'd the flex steer is operated via a button on the steering wheel, it is the one top right above the cruise/speed limiter, next to the cancel button.
  3. Facelift Anyone?

    I assume that the DCT box is the same 6 spd version as I have in my Cee'd? If so then I have found it very pleasurable, very smooth and responsive, the Cee'd can be used in full auto mode with ECO or ECO can be switched off, the box can also be put into Sports mode which revs much higher before changing gear or can be taken over manually using the paddle shifts on the steering wheel or using the shift lever in sequential mode. In conjunction with FlexSteer in Sports mode it actually makes a family hatchback that little bit more fun (don't know if the new i40 will have Flex Steer?)
  4. Pairing An Iphone

    iPhone 6 may not yet be compatible, probably requires a system firmware upgrade.
  5. Indicator Volume And Voice Calling

    Indicator clicks are very quiet on the i40. The handsfree on the i40 is not intuitive, you can't make a call by saying call {name} for example, most people use the speed dial instead, check some of the other threads on here for info.
  6. Locked Out

    Remove the cover on the passenger door handle and the lock will be there.
  7. Voice Commands

    This is "normal" on this version of the Bluetooth, there has been extensive discussion on the Kia forums about it with Kia Customer Services stating the "normality" of it. Apparently to make a call you have to say "phonebook", then "nextpage" to get to the contact you wish to call. The problem here is that you have to continually look at the screen to see which page you are on, an odd thing to do considering the disclaimer you agree to when the unit is first switched on. Most people have gone down the route of the speed dial list, but are far from happy that the lower models in the range have the ability to accept "call *name*" but that this option is not available in the higher models, one of the Kia guys has even got his MP involved!
  8. I present to you my replacement for the i40. Born on the 31st March 2014, she has spent the first three months of her life as a showroom vehicle, now she has moved on and is living with myself! She is a Planet Blue Kia Cee'd 1.6 GDi 4 Tech DCT, top of the range in the UK market. She has 17" two tone alloys, full two tone leather interior with 3 stage heated front seats, drivers seat has 10 way electric adjustment and two person memory function, passenger seat has manual adjust for position and height and electric lumbar support, a heated steering wheel which has the 3 modes Comfort, Normal and Sport. Her auto DCT box can be put into sport mode and used with either the lever up and down or the paddles behind the steering wheel. She has auto lights, wipers, heated autofolding mirrors which automatically unfold as you approach the car, keyless entry and start, automatic climate control with air filter, high definition colour driver information display, sat nav, reversing camera, lane departure warning system, emergency stop signal lighting system, xenon HID lights with wash system and with auto-levelling and cornering function and as well as the fog lights creating static corner lights, an electric panoramic sunroof with electric blind system and parallel park assist system (which I have tried and it is amazing, weird not having to steer but very clever!) Some low quality pix from my phone. Hope you like her!
  9. I40 - Quality Of Drive/noise?

    I am aware that one of the guys on the i30 owners club was also concerned about road noise in his i30 and remedied it to a large extent by changing from the original tyres (can't remember if they were Hankook or Khumo) to Continental.
  10. Mpg, I40

    Not uncommon with Renault I am afraid, the Captur is in the top ten of cars not being able to acheive the claimed figures and that is a brand new model with the three cylinder engine.
  11. Suspension,strut..?? Help Please

    My dealer has it on my paperwork for the next service, that is how I know about the 2016 replacement requirement. Came up automatically on the system.
  12. Facelift/mark2 Time?

    I agree with Matt, I think the MK2 Ceed is a much better looking car than the new i30, my only issue with Kia is the cabins look a bit late 80's early '90's, quite black and plain. Mind you that hasn't harmed VW.......
  13. Facelift/mark2 Time?

    I think that the new ix25 will be put to the market first, the i10, 20, 30, ix35 and Santa Fe have all been facelifted or new models released, the ix20 is slightly older than the i40 so would be due a facelift first, but it does seem tardy, the FD i30 was facelifted after 3 years as were the 10 and 20 so who knows???
  14. Hyundai I40 Clutch Fault In Australia

    1. My self esteem is fine thank you, I am proud of who I am, what I have achieved, my wife and my daughter and all the things I own including my woeful, underpowered i40. 2. The Freudian statement was actually directed at the pop YOU had at me before where you decided that because my opinion differs from yours meant I was making up for my manhood being lacking, your words not mine! 3. The DPF thread and the moaning of various lower mileage diesel owners about their consumption highlighted that indeed consumption is higher for a variety of reasons including air temperature, DPF regeneration, driving style etc. I considered that thread to have been both informative and enlightening and indeed may even have dispelled some myths surrounding DPF. Surely the conversations that took part in it are exactly what these internet forums are for? There was an article on the Top Gear site just a couple of weeks back highlighting real world vs official consumption figures and many of the big names are responsible for the worst. 4. The motoring press should be taken with a pinch of salt, these are the same people who repeatedly claimed that yet another car had stolen the Golf's crown, somehow the Golf always managed to wrestle it back before the next challenger came along. It is also well known that some of the larger manufacturers are in cahoots with the press and therefore will never get a bad or even indifferent view of their products. 5. Why start a thread about insurance if you don't want responses? Again the point of a forum is to share information, what people should be taking from that is to get over the old British way of just accepting the renewal quote (yes the majority of people still do that) and getting themselves some alternative quotes. It is not about saying how clever am I, there are too many variables in insurance for anybody to make that claim. 6. I find it hard to believe that I am the only owner lucky enough to not have had any major problems with my i40, more realistically I am the only one on this forum willing to be vocal about being satisfied. I have said before the very nature of human beings is that they will ONLY be heard when something is wrong. Also manufacturer specific insurance from any brand is regularly a MUCH higher price than what you can get by shopping around, it is in the same boat as dealer vs independent servicing, but just as some will not use an independent mechanic for their in warranty servicing, some believe they are getting a better product from the manufacturer. Your comment about sheep shows nothing more than a lack of knowledge about this area of the UK, Aberdeen is amongst the most expensive cities in the country to live in, general costs here match London and we don't get a weighting. 7. Hyundai's customer experience is not the best I agree, however they are not any worse than Subaru who as stated I have had experience of and a friend of mine who is service manager at a multi-franchise dealer who includes Hyundai has less issues with Hyundai parts than he does with parts from Mazda, Citroen and Fiat. They all need to have a good look at themselves. As stated in my original post I think that there are lots of posts in here where your contribution and mine are valued, I just dont understand your need for sarcasm about any opinion which does not match yours, what makes your opinion the be all and end all? This is also not hiding behind an internet persona, I would happily have this conversation with you over a beer face to face. Brian
  15. Suspension,strut..?? Help Please

    Hi Patrick, that will be your dealer responding to the advisory, I have been told by my dealer they will do it at next service unless the car gets noisy before, in which case they will get it in earlier.