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  1. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    The rear o/s disc is definitely scored and I'd say in need of replacement. I've contacted my local garage and he has all the up to date diagnostic gubbens required for the job. Just need to get the price from him now for the replacement.
  2. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    Well, the car has been in to the garage, and come out with a new clutch housing and seal. All done under warranty. Can't believe the difference, like a new car now! The brakes are still an issue, but there is no way they will get done under warranty, so I am looking in to getting them done elsewhere. We're not getting charged for the courtesy car either I am glad to say. All is well again! Thanks all for the advice and so on, much appreciated, Garry
  3. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    I think it may be an insurance thing, not sure
  4. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    Well, the i40 is booked in on Wednesday for the clutch to be "investigated"! They think it is the master cylinder that has leaked causing the clutch to slip. The clutch isn't slipping though?? This could be an interesting time. Plus they want the car for 2 full days. A courtesy car is going to cost us £15 a day. I'll keep you informed of what the outcome is.
  5. New Clutch at 36000miles?????

    Hhmmm, interesting. Very much reinforces what I thought already. I'm not sure what the problem with the rear brakes is, whether it is worn, pitted, scored or whatever, they just say that they require replacing. This is a job I have done many times on previous cars, but realise it isn't so straight forward on this one. The dealer gets very good reviews, and comes highly recommended from many people I know personally. Based on this I find it hard to believe they are trying to pull a fast one, but I could be wrong! Since starting this thread, I have discovered that the clutch is only warranted for 2 years, so this could prove difficult to get anything out of the dealer or Hyundai. I have a garage I have used for the last 9 years, and trust the guy a lot. Since buying the i40, I have used main dealer only for it. I just don't know if my local guy has the gear to deal with the brake replacement etc. I guess I could ask!! I'll keep you posted, Cheers, Garry
  6. I just put my 63 plate 36000mile i40 tourer in to get it's first MOT. It passed no problem, but, I asked for them to check the handbrake release, and the adjustment on the clutch. The hand brake was very sticky when releasing from parked. They said it needs new rear discs and pads, and that'll be £330! WHAT? So, what about the clutch, I asked. It needs a new clutch too, at a further £380 + fitting. It may be a warranty job, but may be wear and tear, which means I'll be liable for the cost. I am so disappointed and quite deflated about what I find to be a great all round car. Has anyone else had a new clutch at this mileage? I have driven hundreds of thousands of miles, and never had to replace a clutch in any of my cars. I wondered if it was anything to do with the sticky handbrake, causing the extra strain on the clutch, making it slip during pulling away. If this is the case, it will surely be found that it is wear and tear, and not be covered under warranty. Any advice or comments? Cheers, Garry
  7. Hi All

    I thought I already did my intros when I joined last year, but I guess not! I bought a 63 plate (2014) i40 tourer in January 2015. So far so good. Great car for cruising the motorway, with a more than acceptable economy. It's done just over 36000 now, with very few issues worth complaining about. I have a few questions, but will add those to another thread. Just thought it was good manners to introduce myself before asking lots of questions!! Cheers, Garry