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  1. Pairing An Iphone

    It's possible there's a fault. I'll have another look first though. Thanks very much for all your help. Much appreciated!
  2. Pairing An Iphone

    Thanks again. I saw the mic beside the mirror, but didn't realise there might be an on/off switch. I'll have a look for that when I get a chance. Do you know if the switch is on the mic itself, or somewhere in the settings?
  3. Pairing An Iphone

    Thanks very much for the info. Unfortunately my mother's car does not have the sat nav system with touchscreen. It's just the monochrome display, with buttons surrounding it. It's an Irish spec car, so might be different. When I go through the settings to pair a new phone, a voice asks me to say the name of the phone. Nothing I say is recognised. It doesn't seem to be searching for devices in range. The iPhone's bluetooth is definitely switched on.
  4. Pairing An Iphone

    My mother has just received her new i40 and she's delighted with it. However, she has had no success attempting to pair her iPhone to use over bluetooth. I've looked at this for her and I can't figure it out. When you enter the Setup menu, then select Phone and then Pair, the screen displays "Listening" and the female voice says "Please say the name of the phone" (or something along those lines). No matter what I say at that point, the voice comes back and says "Pardon" a couple of times and then quits. My voice does not seem to be recognised at all. The bluetooth setting is turned on on the phone, but the car does not appear on the phone as an available bluetooth device. Am I doing something wrong? Please help! Thanks