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  1. Brake Pad Upgrades?

    Hi, Been thinking of some brake pad upgrades. Has anyone upgraded theirs yet? Any recommendations / avoidances? Mighty.
  2. Hyundai i800 Camper

    Hi, Nice looking camper. What does it weigh over a stock i800? Mighty
  3. Moving house

    Hi, Simples, don't move Mighty
  4. Hi, If I replace the battery in my keyless entry fob, will the code be retained, or will I need to get it re-programmed? Mighty.
  5. Hyundai i30 At Frankfurt Motor Show

    Hi, It's got a hint of Fiesta in the front, and a touch of Astra in the rear. It's a good looking, well proportioned car though. Looking forward to seeing one in the flesh Mighty.
  6. MPG - What are you achieving?

    Hi, It's ok actually, it's smooth, reasonably quick to change, it doesn't hold on to the gears unnecessarily long. Suits my needs just fine. Can't be dealing with all this left-footed clutch business anymore! Mighty.
  7. Hyundai I30 2012

    Hi, Could well be, as we don't have the accent here anymore. Same model, different badge and slight facelifts? Mighty.
  8. MPG - What are you achieving?

    Hi, 1.6 petrol estate (automatic), so that's probably why Mighty.
  9. Snowboarding? Indoor or outdoor? I washed the car, visited the outlaws, that's about it! Mighty.
  10. There's nothing which really touches the warranty, although I hear that Vauxhall now offer a lifetime warranty! (albeit with caveats).
  11. Hyundai I30 2012

    Mmmmm, I'm liking that Will it look like this, or is this an artists impression? (ala AutoExpress!) Mighty.
  12. What are you averaging MPG wise? I'm hovering around 35, mixture of town and b-roads.
  13. Which Hyundai do you drive?

    Hi, I agree cos2k3, it's quite a classy car when you get to know it. Mighty.