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  1. hi, This is really more of an observation I guess... Can someone tell me why the daytime running lights turn off when the headlights are on? I know the obvious answer is in the question: DAYTIME running lights. But, I recall the (old) safety strap line of "see, and be seen". so wouldn't it be beneficial to have them on when the headlights are on? Thus, making you more visible to other road users.
  2. hi everyone.... Something occurred to me over the weekend....I was parked in a dark, busy road and I wanted to leave the side lights on, or put on a parking light to alert other drivers of my presence. I put the sidelights on, but when I removed the key....they went off! Is there anyway to leave some form of light on? I looked in the manual - which did do me what I wanted to know...
  3. I have been using the bluetooth phone connection for my mobile, and that works well, however, I recently got given an ipod Touch so I thought I'd connect that up as well. The ipod connects fine but at the expense of the phone connection. Is it possible to use the phone whilst the ipod is connected? What I'm trying to say is can both devices be connected and available for use simultaneously? Thanks